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Bowling Bomb Test Accident (TDE) by TheDragonTactician

Bowling Bomb Test Accident (TDE)


Art Trade with G-MangaStudio of deviantArt

Gonz0 and Sage seemed to have take it upon themselves to infiltrate an octarian base. But in Sturgeon Shipyard? I wonder why they're they're hopefully they aren't causing that big of a commotion. It's not like DJ Octavio is trying to take the Great Zapfish again.

Regardless of that, upon entering this world, Sage seemed to assume a new form. A snail-inkling hybrid form of sorts. Just as they were making their way to the extraction point of the shipyard, they had detected a group of octarians in one place scheming. Gonz0 made it an effort to test their new device (a bowling [splat] bomb) as a sneak attack to take out some of the octarians. Buuuuut, it backfires as it ricochets off the rim of a pipe and into Sage's mouth at high velocity. Likewise, the end result was... not in Sage's favor as her tummy complains about the excessive ink that was stored in her belly after she accidentally swallowed the bomb.

Gonzalo (Gonz0 I tend to call him by) belongs to him.
Sage the Snailkling (snail-inkling) belongs to me.

Art done by me.

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