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Heya Everyone. As of June 1st 2023, this will be my third most used account publicly.
Second only to DA.

First and Foremost, one word o' advice: "PLEASE STEER AWAY FROM THIS PAGE IF YOU HATE VORE or INFLATION." cuz thar be a lot o it. -w-;


G'day Folks whether it is morning, noon or night in your time zone, Welcome to my Weasyl page! I'm a Nesquishinite that loves to draw a lot and game. My gaming knowledge is not too expansive when it comes to me being able to play them, however I am aware of all the great games that are out there. Some I may have heard, seen or even watched. I do appreciate ye guys coming to see my art gallery. Here you may see art ye like, art ye think is weird, art that may look cute or cool though a lot of it is centered around certain fetishes and pokemon.

I try my best to provide as much as I can fer drawing and I'm looking to further better my skills. But overall this draggy is pretty chill most of the time. I do hope ye have a g'day.

Btw... If you're interested in getting commissions, ye could possibly check out this page here:

Section Locked until Verified

For pricing. But only when I'm open. Thanks again for considering.


DragoShift EX