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Feel free to invite others who will benefit to our ever-growing group! We would love to have you and your friends as members!

  • About Us: Welcome to "The Creative Review"! We are an ever-growing group of visual artists, photographers, writers, and artists of all forms who are looking to improve our craft! We are here to help guide one another to improve our skills and to offer critique for those who want it!


  • Content:
    This group is meant for ALL AGES, and ALL PEOPLE! For this reason, we will only be allowing SFW (Safe For Work) media in this group! A good rule of thumb would be to rate your art as it is a movie! If it would be considered an R movie, consult one of the administrators for approval before posting! They will get back to you as soon as possible!

  • What is a "Critique”?
    The term "critique" is all about CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! This means that anything you say MUST have some form of HELPFUL ASPECT to it. "That's bad, fix it" is not constructive, nor will it be allowed in this group. "The arm seems a bit off - try moving it left a bit, and shortening the shoulder" is a constructive comment that HELPS the artist improve! If hurtful and / or non-constructive comments are continuously made by a user, there will be consequences (temporary bans or permanent bans) based on the severity of the comments.

  • Equality:
    Anyone and everyone is encouraged to ask for critiques / opinions - nobody is above or below anyone else. Whether you're a novice artist, who's just starting out, or a veteran writer for decades, both of your opinions hold the same weight. It's up to the owner of the piece being critiqued to take the comments with whatever weight they feel they should hold. We also do not discriminate no matter your race, gender, nationality or sexuality.

  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct:
    (Name calling, racially insensitive comments, excessive cursing, etc.) will be dealt with by administrators ONLY. Do not take justice into your own hands. We want this group to have as little drama as possible; jumping in when there's a problem will only create more. Don't be a part of the problem. If you see something that you feel needs to be reported, contact an administrator directly and they will investigate asap. In terms of curse words, please refrain from using them, general curse words may be ok depending on usage but under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should any curse words or insults BE DIRECTED TOWARDS ANOTHER, violation of this rule will result in banning.

    Please do not post self-advertising (or any advertising) of commissions, sales, specials, limited editions, trades, or anything of the like on this page! Contact an administrator, or note us on one of our art-site pages listed in the other pinned posts! We will add you to a list of artists who offer their wares in the form of commissions, and may occasionally offer a shout-out to artists holding specials, or who have been an exceptional part of our community!

  • Politics:
    Keep them out of this page. Nobody wants to hear about them, nor do we want to have any arguments ensue because of them. We are here to help one another progress in our trades, not talk about petty differences. If a piece is politically fueled, keep the conversation STRICTLY to the piece, and do NOT allow any debates to come of it. Any violations of this rule will be taken up with the party(ies) involved and will be handled directly with the administrators.

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This list will always be updating, so check here to see all of our members who stream!

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