Lizard Face more like FUNGUS FACE by ThatLizardGuy

Lizard Face more like FUNGUS FACE


21 January 2014 at 19:27:51 MST

I loved the LAST OF US so i drew my fursona as a Clicker im all moldy and covered in fungus and i just wanna give Joel and Ellie a hickey :3

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    what happened to him? :o

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      oh its a the Last of Us fan pic

      its a zombie game and the zombies were people infected with cordyceps (a fungus that controls the brain of its host to make the virus spread as fungus gros out of the hosts head)

      it only happens to bug but in this game it happens to people and because they can't see because of the fungus growing out there faces they use echolocation and make clicking grudge noises and moan there scary and called Clickers for the constant clicking noises

      you can sneak past them but if your too close they instantly kill you

      though if you have a shiv (pointy piece of sharp metal) you can stab them in the neck and kill them

      and sadly for me i became a Clicker

      in short i'm a fungus Zombie

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        oh yeah I remember the Last of Us :D

        at least this time it explains where zombies come from :O

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          well not were all zombies just the cordyceps ones

          oh don't stand too close or I'm gonna get ya XP

          (click click click!)