Journey of the Siblings by Thaddeusgrey

Journey of the Siblings


15 February 2015 at 13:30:25 MST

a very personal piece for some people in my life I love very dearly. They know who they are <3

Journey is a game I love dearly and actually played with one of them (the red cloak, who loves it most and prefers the more traditional costume, though with some tweaks unique to her) and the other two are her brother and sister. Her sister is also a dear friend of mine, and while I don't know their brother very well, he's an awesome guy that they unfortunately don't get to spend much time with because he lives very far away.

It's a piece I've been working on some months now. Initially it was just the red cloak, but I decided to add her siblings since they haven't been able to see each other in over a year now, and I wanted it to be a special piece between them since they don't get to have special things (they can't afford much and they can't get each other gifts, even on birthdays.)
We're all in really hard places right now and Journey inspires me so much that I just wanted to do something special for my dear friends.

Love you all <3

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