Tudor Prince - Historical cosplay by Temperance

Tudor Prince - Historical cosplay


20 November 2018 at 09:38:34 MST

This is what I would call a recycled cosplay. Although technically a cosplay in it’s own right, it was made with the use of parts of another cosplay.

If you remember my Ianthe Cosplay from the Saga Comic (https://www.weasyl.com/~temperance/submissions/1693232/ianthe-saga-cosplay2), I reused the tunic, belt and slops from Ianthe for my prince. I added a new pair of leggings, and necklace, and made a leather pouch and a tudor flatcap to reuse the parts for a different historical costume.

Although I may pass for a young squire, the COLORS of my garment actually suggest I am more likely a prince or very rich noble. The color purple was VERY hard to make, so was limited to just royalty. Maroon and burgundy were equally challenging, especially in such vibrant colors and with such elaborate weaving (which at the time would have been done by hand, unlike machine weaving of today)… so I’m most likely a prince ^_^;;

For make-up, I used some contouring face powder to accent my face to look more masculine than feminine (square shading around the cheeks, highlighting the jawbone and making the brow look more refined). I also paled my lips and thickened my eyebrows with color.

Now I’m off to find a renn faire that needs a prince :3

Photos taken by Unleash the Moment (unleashthemoment.ca).

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