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Xander's Grow-a-Thon: Week 1 by Telltalefirebrand

Xander's Grow-a-Thon: Week 1


The beginning of the Grow-a-thon!

This is a the first in a twelve part series involving my friend Rooth and his fellow macro marsupial, Duncan (note: Duncan is typically 100 ft. tall, but he has been shrunken down in the spirit of fair competition) Now, the issue is that neither of them will get any bigger without help from you!

The general gist of the drive is that by donating money, you get to select a character that you want to grow and how exactly you want that character to expand. Depending on the value you donate, you can also select a wide array of extra goodies and things to include in the images to come...potentially even yourself!

All of the details as to how the drive works can be found on this lovely order form created by Rooth himself!

Order form:

Note that there are no adult options; this is a clean competition! Any characters that are portrayed will be done so in a clean, general audience appropriate manner.

With each update (occurring approximately every week or so), I will draw the characters again showing off their new enhancements for the week, in addition to any other prizes that have been rewarded.

The goal of the drive is to help me pay off some outstanding bills from recent life trauma. Really, anything that can be donated will help immensely. If macro/growth is your thing, this is your chance to take control of the changes and see how the characters change each week by watching me.

The form Rooth created is comprehensive enough to explain exactly how the drive works, but if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to shoot me a note here, or an e-mail at reloadatomsk(at)

Thank you for your time, and may the best roo win!

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    The start of it all! WOOT! This is such an epic series, Xander. Thanks for taking it on, and putting up with my silliness. ;)
    (PS - Could you please offer for my Weasyl collection?)