Hi there!
I'm Tejoncita. A furry Artist from Argentina.

I mostly work in digital, but sometimes I do traditional stuff. Maybe sew something.

My boyfriend <3

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on 20 October 2014 at 12:41:45 MDT

Finally, after taking like two weeks, I was able to write down a FAQ and a TOS for any costumer that might be interested on commission me. <3

Terms of Service

Frequently Asked Questions - Includes a guide for digital badges!

I totally wanted to write down a TOS and a FAQ, I know they might not seem that useful, but I felt I needed something.

Besides that, I wanted to remind people that I use Trello to keep up with my commissions.

Commissions and Trades Status @ Trello

If you commission me, you can try to check out my Trello in case FurAffinity/Weasyl crashes.
I will start to use it more, since the DDOS attack left me without any way to contact one commissioner and that drove me NUTS! >:C

Commission Status is OPEN. Contact via note in case of interest!

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    Thank you for the +fav on the headshot. :)

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    Eeee !!! thanks for the follow :D

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    Gracias por el fav Tejonaaaa x3

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      Zomg! Hola! :D
      Me encontraste x3

      Por suerte hice la cuenta de FA y Weasyl con el mismo nombre :3

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        sip! pero te encontré por las imágenes que ponen al inicio y pensé "ése estilo ya lo había visto -3-"

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    Thanks for the fave!