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SU OCs by TeamCapumon (critique requested)

SU OCs (critique requested)


Woah, me upload something on here? Unrealistic, blocked.

vvvvv ive been on an SU high (with varying levels of lowkey- and highkey-ness) ever since the Wanted event and a couple nights ago I accidently came up with characters and designs and I was like "heck" so I drew them l m a o

I really like how the Lapis Lazuli's design came out, but im still iffy on the Rose Quartz's. Might change it at some point, but idk; I was actually planning to outline these guys but now im not sure because I'm lazy

You can read more about them here! (also yeah I have a tumblr, im super active over there but I post even less art there than I do here so...)