Big fight by Teacat

Big fight


23 September 2014 at 20:42:01 MDT

Here’s a doodle of Albert and his important dad having a spat at the end of the world.

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    that explosion might be a little bit important, tho

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    stop, you're both my favorite

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    if not now, when?
    your pencilmanship, how I love it so.

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      Aw even on a scratchy one like this? Thank you!

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        yes! actually I have a particular fondness for rough sketchiness. rough sketches often have a character to them that gets refined out of the finished pictures. they're like tousle-haired country bumpkins whose amiability and unselfconscious straightforwardness, in contrast to the coarseness of their knee-patched overalls, is an expression of natural grace that is often lacking in the stiff, often snobbishly over-formal etiquette of their self-congratulatorally progressive city cousins whose contrived self-possession is often a disguise for their lack of genuine substance.

        I'm often galled by the loss of character my pictures suffer between initial sketch and final inking. the gain in definition is not always better to me than the uncertain and sometimes ambiguous, yet vital, nuance that's lost. you know how with old video games you had to use your imagination more because the tiny 8-bit graphics, at least for the first few years, were weirdly indistinct (I'm thinking about enemies in Milon's Secret Castle as I write this)? a sketch like this is like that - it engages [me, at least] more than a picture in which everything is unambiguously developed, in which there's no question at all about what you're looking at, because it allows room for my own imagination to finish the picture. does that make sense? I swear I mean something by it! =')

        also, your particular pencil work I love because the sweep of your lines, the placement of your shading, just everything about it, shows that you are so in tune with your drawing, that you were living in its world as you drew it, and that these characters are alive in your mind, and that is just so cool to me.

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          Gosh thanks a ton for the sentiment! Maybe that's reason enough to post more rough drafts. I do tend to lose a lot of the energy from the initial drawing in my attempts to ink (Digitally especially). I totally identify with the abstract bring an element of interpretation that's lost in highly defined refinement.