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commish: celebrate good times COME ON by TattaDoodles

commish: celebrate good times COME ON


commission for mark tully (telegram)

this one is a scene from his DnD campaign (in which I'm a player~)

the scene in question:
after just having stopped a large invasion of goblins (there's a war going on in this game) our heros celebrate at the local tavern~
salvestor cook (Bartender) fills the drinks up skit skee (the mouse at the bar), chon the teifling monk (foreground, far left), kipka the halfling bard (standing on the table, winking at bailey the kobold), nelthar the blue dragonborn barbarian (holding mr skullface the skull), and aurora the blue dragonborn rogue
in the background we see mayor shaun (background table right) and baliff lott (background table left) toasting to the successful battle

ALSO, be sure to check out my telegram art chat!! it's where I am most active, and I post my stream schedules there, host raffles and freebie/discount commission specials (ONLY available to my art chat members) SO COME ON BY! >>>> <<<<

if you see this artwork posted on ANY site other than deviantart, furaffinity, weasyl or telegram, and it's not posted by either me (tatta, tattadoodles, tattasratnest) or the commissioner, THEN IT WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BE POSTED AND IS STOLEN ART!!

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