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redraw: zion 2021 by TattaDoodles

redraw: zion 2021


I love doing redraws ^^

this one's been going on for 17 years.... hmm when it hits 2025 I need to remember to do it again for the 20th aniversary~

with this latest one I went ahead and moved onto digital! nice to see I finally have BASIC anatomy down (not mastered, but to where you can tell it's improved...)

technically there is ONE piece that somehow got missed in here...
this one's from 2015, so it'd be the one just before this recent pic... but I didn't remember about it until I had already collaged the pieces together XDD next time I do this piece I'll try to remember to add this version

ALSO, be sure to check out my telegram art chat!! it's where I am most active, and I post my stream schedules there, host raffles and freebie/discount commission specials (ONLY available to my art chat members) SO COME ON BY! >>>> <<<<

if you see this artwork posted on ANY site other than deviantart, furaffinity, weasyl or telegram, and it's not posted by either me (tatta, tattadoodles, tattasratnest) or the commissioner, THEN IT WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BE POSTED AND IS STOLEN ART!!

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