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Fluffy cuddles by Taross

Fluffy cuddles


A pair of feral fluffdragons cuddling. I'd add 'warmly' to that but you can see how well-furred and soft they are... warm is implied here very much.

doniroux has managed to turn hirself a very interesting (and quite fetching) feral fluffdragon and considering Taross liquidshifting ability (enhanced with dna-assimilating capability) there was quite a lot of teasing and talking going on about how shi and Taross should team up together on Niko.
Eventually Taross got hir hands, well 'hands', on a generous donation of a certain white fluffdragons dna and decided to put words into actions.

Not having any opposable thumbs is very weird to get used to... But the fluff and comfort does make up for it. And at least the wings make it feel like shi still has six limbs.
Luckily Doni has had a lot more experience with it by now and there's still assistance of a certain Nightfox when it comes to tasks that require actual hands; grooming, feeding, chores, grooming... Hey, fluffy dragons require a lot of maintenance.

As it is that Doni supplied the template for Taross to match, it would only be a nice repayment in the form of a small gift of cuddling dragons.


Taross is mine.
Doni Roux belongs to doniroux
Art by serialdad
Artists submission: TBA


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