Racing birds by Taross

Racing birds


23 February 2019 at 14:01:12 MST

Chocobotaurs still seem to be rather few and far between... And even with Niko and Doni occasionally joining the birdkind (not to mention the couple of hatchlings back on the station), literally just running into another one out in the wild is pretty much a rare thing.
So imagine when just having a little bit of a trip around and spotting a form in the distance that has a rather peculiar, familiar shape...

Soon shi was hot on the heels of Skanra's Konrad. The latter didn't notice that he was being followed -chased rather- by a slightly larger bird. Not until Taross packed on a little bit of extra speed and sprinted past Konrad and into his field of view. Offering a friendly WARK and a wave, Taross let hir appearance be known... Quite to the others surprise it seems.
Well, whatever happened next, I am sure both birds continued on the little impromptu race, and while it's unsure to say who eventually won, I'm pretty sure both had a friendly sit-down and talk together to introduce one another properly.

Taross is mine
Konrad belongs to skanra
Art by :Iconjust-a-little-mixed-up:
Artists submission:TBA
Chocobo belong to Square-Enix


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