Gypsy Vanner Reference by Taross

Gypsy Vanner Reference


20 February 2019 at 02:18:58 MST

  • Taross Josephine Blackburn
  • Gypsy Vanner breed equitaur
  • About 2.80 meters tall from hooves to head (15.8 hands to the shoulder on the lower body; this makes hir a 'Grand' Vanner)
  • About 930 kg of horse on the scale.
  • Part-time employed as courier. All-terrain delivery.

As drawn by WitchofAvalon WitchofAvalon, yet another reference sheet for Taross. As shi is a liquidshifter, this repertoire would probably be limitless... However, since there are about 6 forms that shi prefers (one of them not a result of hir own shapeshifting power though), I felt the need for having at least one proper reference for each form. It would eliminate the need of going "This character but a horse" or "This character but a dragon". Now I can just go "This form, here's the reference". I heard somewhere that artists greatly appreciate it if you have reference sheets on hand.

So here's a good look at Taross in all-horse mode. And a Vanner because Vanner breed horses are fabulous. Shi's probably got some slip-on hoof covers under all that hair there, but that's hard to see...

Also give the artists site some looks and love. :)

Taross is mine
Art by WitchofAvalon
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    Taross' liquidshifting ability is amazing :D. One awesome character for one awesome peep