I can lift more than you by Taross

I can lift more than you


27 August 2016 at 00:32:59 MDT

A lovely image done for me by   ChocolateKitsune.

As many of you know I like my FPS games at times, and I've logged my hours in Team Fortress 2. I've even played competitively at the first Highlander tournaments (I have the participation item for proof ;) ).
I also usually gravitated towards being the Heavy. Heavy Weapons Taur for the wins.

So given the chance, I just had to jump on the availability to get from one Russian heavy lifter to another Russian heavy lifter. So here's Taross ready for hir part as Zarya in Overwatch.

Of course... The suit had to get some modifications to allow for the plasma shield to reach all over. And the gun needed a little bit of a boost to generate enough energy. But all things considered shi fits the role rather well.
And even though Taross can't actually ~lift~ more than 500 kilos... shi comes close to it in mass... (dang liquid shiftery types and their excess hidden biomass).

Taross is mine
Zarya and Overwatch belong to Blizzard
Art by   ChocolateKitsune
Artists submission: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20953272/

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