Project Epsilon: Test art - Matt by tapewolf

Project Epsilon: Test art - Matt


14 June 2014 at 10:57:37 MDT

Here's some test art for yet another background character for the Epsilon Project. Matt is mentioned in the original text version of the story, but you have to look really hard to find him. The gloves may be a hint.

I still haven't quite worked out which clan he should be attached to - the grey wings are in preparation for possibly moving him over to Daryil clan, where the wings tend to be grey as a trait.
I am open to other ideas, though we need to figure something out before chapter 6 when he removes his PVC gloves (which are hiding his clan marking).

He did come out a bit more evil-looking than I'd hoped...

Thanks again to Merlin for the line art, colours were done by me. After the iffy stripes on our last tiger (Fendrick) I went and searched for typical designs used in anthro tigers, so thanks are also due to the artists on FA who appear in the first couple of pages of searching for 'tiger' (in PG mode).

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