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Project Future: The Epsilon Project, page 1 by tapewolf

Project Future: The Epsilon Project, page 1


9 June 2014 at 16:02:03 MDT

While I don't intend to flood the gallery with pages of this thing, I thought it might be nice to post the first one in higher res, especially since I've littered the gallery with the concept art and it's nice to see it finally come together.

The comic can be found here, currently updating Tuesdays, though it is likely to be rescheduled to Monday at some point:

In order of appearance we have: Headmistress Illiath, Sydney, and then the class shot.
Starting from the back, we have Tango the kangaroo, one of Merlin's characters. On the right -but only visible as a fragment of wing in this shot - we also have Daren, a cameo from her own comics (see 'Daisy' and 'The Breaking' at ).
The blue foxes in front of Tango are Ben and Michael, cameos for cubikitsune, and Sheila the border collie on the desk to the right.
In front of Ben and Michael we have Mike the osprey griffin and his buddy Daniel (a Doberman adventurer/executioner). Richard the jackal is in front of them, with 'Panda' on the right and Professor Jevex in front of the class.

Lines by Merlin, story and colour by me.

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    So, is the Epsilon project going to be a little spin off?

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      It's actually the sequel. We didn't want to wait for Project Future to end first, since it's still only halfway through.

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        Wohoo! It's only half way through! I can read your comic for another decade.
        Wouldn't it be a little spoiler for project future though?

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          Well, it focuses on brand-new characters to begin with. We don't really get to see much of the main cast until around chapters 4-5.

          Yes, there are a couple of spoilers. Some of these are minor and we can minimize them - it was a problem I had when serialising the original Epsilon story (it originally ran weekly on the DMFA forum), so there are some workarounds planned anyway. The others won't happen for a few years and by my calculations they'll have been revealed in the main comic before then. But yeah, I was kind of planning it so Epsilon started around the time the Fendrick arc ended.

          One spoiler regarding Niall happens right at the end of Project Future and I'm seriously considering detaching that and running it on the wednesday slot after 'Heads you Lose' finishes, since it felt kind of tacked-on and didn' really mesh with the rest of the story anyway.