Saludora (take 1) by tapewolf

Saludora (take 1)

Saludora (take 1)


20 February 2017 at 14:17:52 MST

Okay, this is a thing. I'm tired so this might not make sense and I might have to fix it tomorrow.
I kind of wanted to write a song about a medieval kingdom for a while, but got stuck with the lyrics. Some real-world politics ended up jading me, hence we have a political slant to the final lyrics. Sorry about that.

I decided I wanted to try messing around with odd time signatures and ended up channelling both Threshold and Van Der Graaf Generator, and ended up with a bassline I couldn't actually play.
It was so far beyond my skill level that I slowed down the recorder during the takes, but even that wasn't enough to make it feasible so I ended up splitting it into two parts, recorded on two channels which simplified things a bit and also allowed me to play stereo tricks.
Conversely I speeded up the recorder slightly for the end of the song, allowing me to end the song on a note which is impossible to play on a 4-string bass with standard tuning.

I should go back and redo some of the bass, partly because the first tricky part is still kind of messy, and also because some of it is off-tune enough to produce a chorusing effect that I'm not sure I want to keep.
This would be trivial to fix on a DAW, but that would be very boring. This way is more fun.

The random organ notes in the middle were originally a marker to say "tape collage to go here" but I kind of liked it, especially after I ran a screwdriver down the bass and got that to make some weird noises as well. For this demo I spliced in a section of backwards pipe organ music but I don't really like how that turned out to be honest so it might not be there in future takes of the song.

The song was recorded on my trust Otari MX80, with help from a TASCAM TSR-8, on which I recorded the vocals, bass and also the reverse cymbal before dubbing them onto the 24-track machine. Mixing was done to a Studer A807 which I also used to do things like the tape loops of the word 'Saludora' about halfway through, reverse pipe-organ and a clip of alternate ending from my 'Tears of Joy' song which I ended up not using anyway. Some tape editing was also used to fix fluffs in the mix.

Instruments used included an Epiphone Thunderbird Gothic, Hammond XM-1 and SK-1, Minimoog Voyager, Alesis DM10, Waldorf MicroWave, and Manikin Memotron. The medieval dance was done on a Roland JV1010 with Orchestral module.

Lyrics are:

In the land that they call Saludora
Evil men do dwell
They're the rulers of a kingdom
That has lately gone to hell

In the land that they call Saludora
No-one dares to cough
Lest the guards descend upon you
And then hack your head clean off

So we never dare complain
We just ignore the pain
And stay alive

In the land that they call Saludora
Each man plays his part
And there's nothing so convincing
As an arrow to the heart

In the land that they call Saludora
No-one questions why
Or you'll end up in the dungeons
And they'll sentence you to die

When life's so very cheap
With men worth less than sheep
And you'll only find the justice of the grave

In the land that they call Saludora...

In the land that they call Saludora
Evil things occurred
And the rulers were replaced with ones
The common folk preferred

In the land that they call Saludora
No more tyrants reign
And we changed the constitution
So it won't happen again

Well, they just ignored out pleas
So they got strung up from trees
And they only found the justice of the grave.

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