Coventry Carol 2016 by tapewolf

Coventry Carol 2016

Coventry Carol 2016


17 December 2016 at 16:52:01 MST

What better way to celebrate Christmas than by commemorating genocide?
This is a traditional lament about the Massacre of the Innocents, when Herod attempted to prevent the infant Jesus dethroning him by ordering the slaughter of all male infants in Bethlehem.

This particular version is one I arranged a couple of years ago for organ and synthesizers, and was used as the introduction for the 'Return of Dark Pegasus' arc on the DMFA Radio Series project.
After someone posted a more traditional version on FA recently I decided that it might be time to revisit this, especially now I have a much nicer selection of pipe organ voicings.
The background noises were dubbed in from the original 2008 multitrack tape because I couldn't figure out quite how I made them last time around.
Everything else has been rerecorded on 2" tape and mixed to 1/4" stereo.

If anyone is interested I might look at doing another version just using the pipe organ voicings.

Instruments used:
Hammond SK1: Great division
Raspberry Pi running Aeolus: Pedal division
Hammond XM-1 w/ Rotosphere Mk2: Hammond organ
Moog Voyager: Bass synthesizer
Roland MVS-1: Bass and other synthesizers
Manikin Memotron: 8-voice choir
Alesis DM10: Drums
Waldorf Pulse: Noises

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