Gage - Pt. 3 by Tankaa

Gage - Pt. 3


11 March 2019 at 12:18:46 MDT

Koichi Sugiyama - "The Dragonlord"

For Gage/Spherical-Wolf

Part three of a six-part series.

Jetpack-free version here

Not the Dragonlord, but close enough (if you're nearsighted)! A synth the size of a...super robot, with all of the benefits and drawbacks that entails. For obvious reasons, Gage isn't particularly useful for construction work any more. Too tall, too wide, too clumsy, and too heavy. But for indiscriminate demolition work, he would do quite well. Unfortunately, said demolition would also mark the path between jobsites, even if he walked on all fours...which is something he tends to do a bit more as he gets larger. Giant stuff just isn't compatible with infrastructure, and everyone forgets that.

UPDATE: At this point, they probably run on a decent-sized p-B11 aneutronic fusion power plant and have a ManiField system that helps keep them in one piece. The radiator panels have given way to a more robust dorsal fin, and other high-efficiency energy conversion systems have been integrated.

Polymer Ringers Solution. You know it, you put it in your Armored Trooper's hydraulic system, you live with it, you die because of it when it catches fire and explodes violently. If you're Dare Kochak, you can adjust the mixture and composition by taste. But Gage is probably one of the few things actually that would drink it in quantity and enjoy it. Obviously, it's the famed "Red Shoulder Blend," a high-performance mixture available only to elite Gilgamesh Confederation units.

I thought this would be the last one in the series. It wasn't. Not by a long shot. "How far can I push things?" I thought. "How far beyond my comfort zone can I go? Also, at what point should I apologize to Vader-San for getting carried away?"

Artwork © of me
Gage © of Spherical-Wolf
Synth Species © of VaderSan
Synth Shticks suggested by KobaltSilverstar

"Wilt thou sample the sensual puff-puff for 20 coins?"

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    Basically the guy you call in to shatter old space stations for subsequent scrapping ops.

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      Pretty much, although I tend to prefer a more deliberate approach. It's surprising just how many loose objects will be missed by the first round of scrappers...