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SSSP - Day of Near Disaster by Tankaa

SSSP - Day of Near Disaster


Music Cue #1: Momoko's Report (Patlabor)

Reporter: "Hi, everybody! This is the Scientific Special Search Party, Second Section, the Butchers of Black Rock. Behind them is a trail of whimpering hatchlings and mangled mausoleums. Ahead of them lies a defenseless small town beset by a gray storm wyvern. The peerless Second Section! Who will be their next victims?"

Music Cue #2: SSSP March (Ultraman)

In spite of bad publicity (and difficulties with unit cohesion), the Scientific Special Search Party fights on. Don't despair, this artist is rooting for you.

The Monster of the Week:
Nuocerious (Thunder Wyvern) - Grey-wingedBlitz

Our (Hapless) Science Patrol:
Ori (Blue Thunderdrake) - TankaaKumawani
Steve (Baryonyx) - SteveG1988
Beva (MiG-21 esque turingrade vec) - theluftgator
Exavier (Northern Sergal) - X-0492
Doug (Generic tyrannosaurid) - DougFluff345
Dr. XIII (human with extensive cybernetics) - Dr-XIII

All we know that the was so spectacular that no one can really remember how it turned out. Did the wyvern win? Did the Science Patrol regroup and charge to victory? Is Beva intentionally exploiting the unusual handling characteristics of the Corvair? Did the artist draw themselves into a corner with contractual fulfillment artwork again? The answer to all of these is "Maybe!"

All characters © of their respective owners
Scientific Special Search Party/Science Patrol/Ultraman © Tsuburaya Productions
Chevrolet Corvair © of General Motors

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      Why are you posting a (less than relevant, yet funny) link to fumblr?

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        I saw an association with your wyvern and westerns' behavior :V

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          Tenuous at best.

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            For me kinda obvious v..v

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    I kinda want a (smaller) copy of that wyvern, it looks really neat. Doubt something like that would be easily found tho.

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      Yeah, I think a lot of folks (and TaSiAmCo, the owner of this fine amusement establishment) dropped quite a few Autofac points on this. Supposedly personal use models would be smaller and to the guy at Super Position, perhaps?