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SSSP - Impulse Solo by KronoGarrett

SSSP - Impulse Solo


(The following is a combat LARP run in the Tasiam Battle SuperCenter at Black Rock. No sophonts were seriously harmed in the course of the game.)

"Sir, it's not responding to commands."
"...This...this can't be..."
"The autodestruct package is...armed!"
"It's begun firing on...aaagh!"

"Ma'am, we've lost contact with the KLPI command post. Solo Impulse is slowly advancing on our position. It's taken out the squad sent to trip it up."
"We're sending in the SSSP. Maybe the boys in orange can stop this thing."

Impulse Solo. The magnum opus of Karoo Light Polytechnic Industries and a stunning display of Mr. Randolph's hubris. We dodged and weaved in the Corvair, attempting to close with the uncontrolled machine. Would we be able to disable the monster-fighting mecha designed to put us out of a job? Would we set off the autodestruct package with an overzealous attack?

Musical Cue #1: ("Nerv" - Shiro Sagisu)

Berserk Mecha:
Impulse Solo (Zera, Andrewsarchus vec) - zoidsfan77

Our Brave Earth Defenders:
Exxy (furry dragon) - heart-of-a-dragoness
Jason Derex (tyrannosaur) - Bellumsaur
Paul-Adrian (human) - thefarcaspaul (Sorry! You should be okay, that's what the integrated spine pad is for.)
Snowfall (cat) - snowfall-the-cat
Kalash (monitor lizard) - akkala5h (Mind that tail. Or possibly a wayward flash bomb. Walk it off.)
CC (wolf) - CrystalCircle
Musical Cue #2:
"Don't worry, there will be plenty of fanservice for everyone!" ("Next Episode (30 second version)" - Shiro Sagisu)

(And there goes our Evangelion reference allotment for the year. Way to go, Kumawani. -Ed.)

All characters © of their respective owners
Scientific Special Search Party/Science Patrol/Ultraman © Tsuburaya Productions
Neon Genesis Evangelion © Studio Gainax
Chevrolet Corvair © of General Motors

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    I think this is the part someone asks if they happen to have a bigger

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      Very much so. However, they've been more or less asked to kill it gently, lest its autodestruct package trigger