[WoC]Convenient Button by Tamerkoh

[WoC]Convenient Button


22 February 2015 at 09:06:06 MST

Sparkz is getting his Dee-Dee on with Hyde's nose. His nose also serves as a button to prepare him to accept many different liquid ingredients to create a new spray, by extending his tongue out as if a tray. Best given to him in bottles, when ingested, the liquids' data will be downloaded into his memory, where he can then tap into his magic (kept from his organic half) to replicate them essentially infinitely. It runs out when his magic runs out. But magic can be replenished with potions and rest. Magic only exists for those who have metabolism, and since Hyde is a cyborg (half living toon, half robot), he still has access to his. Quite convenient!

Hyde and Sparkz © tamerkoh and http://blueike.deviantart.com/