Commission - "The Drop" by Talynn

Commission - "The Drop"


25 June 2016 at 11:52:57 MDT

"Okay, listen up," the Sergeant said, pulling his mask off and flipping his visor up to directly address his subordinates. "Inside, we've got some robo-bitch trapped. Its been told to look for some chicken shit the other outfits chasing, some Noah Waite guy. Thinks its their owner, or some shit like that. It might know its caught, it might not. Either way, stay alert, load EMP-Ammo, and shoot to kill. its just a wind-up toy so don't feel sorry."

"Heh, like we've ever" one of the subordinates said, chuckling. Another adjacent to him slapped him on the back in agreement.

"Alright," the Sergeant barked dismissively to their banter, putting his visor and mask back on, "cut the shit and lets get going people, move out!"


Once inside, the team moved as quietly as they could, ascending the staircases up several flights until they were nearing their target. Hand signs were made to split up, take multiple routes and vectors down the tight hallways of the complex. Several minutes pass, the tension among the team rising as they spread further and further apart, only clicks and checks over their comms being the only indicator between them that all people were still active.

Down the hall, one of the team members heard the click-clack of canine nails and pads against the hard floor. He moved, slowly towards the sound, the end of the hallway shining a flickering light. Neon signs outside blared through various windows, laying abstract colors of neon pink, magenta and green between various halls. The soldier, unsure of what to expect in this house, slowly brought up his weapon as he was just about to round the corner.

In those next few moments, all hell broke loose.

Artwork copyright AJ Silva, 2016

Allegra is owned by Alexander Faris / GunsofAugust, 2016

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    This turned out fantastic. Loving the finish on her outfit, and as usual the two-tone lighting works well to separate out the image.
    Though I keep seeing her right hand as doing that Vulcan 'live long and carry superior firepower' thing. \ //n

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    Hells yes.

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    Defeat the target!