Alpha Space Station by talpimado1988

Alpha Space Station


1 March 2018 at 08:05:04 MST

for :-)

Story: I'm there a Titan pilot.
...That military team where owe, we join the fleet soon and and we join the fight. but we are distant now until some days our fleet because we team made to need to stand at the Alpha space station because we have need much of his medicine, We came here to trade.
We are until some days on the station. but till then a little the soldiers may recreation before the fight.
I met a kind antian soldier accidentally on the station, and He was very kindly and intelligence. He talk our language almost perfectly. :-P
We took a fancy to each other very much and we were a hot night together. ^_^

Alpha Space Station

sorry, I cannot good english ^^" I hope that everybody be understand me.


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    Titan Fall 2 is really good