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Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you find something that you like. I plan on using Weasyl more frequently than I have in the past and talking to more of you lovely people.

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on 17 January 2014 at 16:11:48 MST

Okay, I knew that there was a lot of drama already surrounding DA because of various reasons concerning art theft, bullying, etc. but what is with the blow up on FA all of a sudden!? I logged in today and I saw a ton of people that I watch submitting journals that they are moving accounts here and to tumblr. I then found a journal and in the comments I found part of the answer. (If you don't know what is going on I'm not going to announce it; I'd rather not get involved in all the drama.) I just think it's extremely sad that no one can seem to win with the websites to showcase their artwork. And, on top of that the sites that people find sanctuary in, turn out to be negative as well.

Anyway, I guess this is somewhat a good thing... I was planning on being a regular user on here now either way. Now I guess everyone else is too. So, welcome to all you new users out there!

I should also probably mention that I will still be using both DA and FA myself but I completely support and understand why others don't want to use those sites anymore. I just don't have the privilege of having a large fan base and I need to use both sites in order to have my artwork seen.

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Fully Rendered 2.5 x 3.5 inch canvas
$ 25.00

Commissions are taken on a case to case basis. All inquiries are welcomed and the artist will respond to all requests. If you would like to see more information regarding commissions from this artist please refer to their website:

If requesting a commission and it is accepted, 50% of the overall price must be paid before receiving the finished piece.


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