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Winter's Greeting by Taesolieroy

Winter's Greeting


Been poking at this the last few days because I kept fine tuning each element XP And I'm almost ready to collapse in exhaustion (and won't be able to sleep in until Thursday to recover the sleep debt).

This is Banü, a flightless hippogryph blend of unicorn/kirin and phoenix, but she doesn't seem to be held down by that at all!

This was done with a mix of prismacolor marker and a little prismacolor pencil with some gel pen.

Originally this was going to be my Christmas card design, but because it's taken so long to do - I'll offer copies this image as my first ever official print on a Christmas discount good for the rest of this year (until midnight/11:59 PM EST on the 31st). This print will be mounted on matte board for stability, personally signed (aside from the signature hiding behind the watermark), printed label on the back, and possibly sealed in lamination (if I can find sleeves large enough). I'll be posting a journal shortly on prices and slots.

Merry (late-ish) Christmas guys!

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    This is awesome!!!

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      ^_^ Thanks! I'm working on getting the printer to get the balance of colors right so I can make the prints, it's too blue right now XP

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    Very cool design, great flow and line/color work!