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Catch of the Day by Taesolieroy

Catch of the Day


29 August 2016 at 19:53:03 MDT

Next up is a very interesting challenge piece commissioned by Tanthalum on FA of his gryphon character having a spot of fishing.

... I think I've been watching a bit much of Kitchen Nightmares recently, though ironically the majority of this piece was done with a combination of Creepy/Scary/Let's-not-meet-again stories, Van Hellsing episodes, and Soma/Alien Isolation playthroughs as background noise. I have an odd memory like that - I can look at most pieces I draw and remember where, general when, and what was somewhat going on at the time. There are old projects I remember which class I drew them in! Anyways, bit of an explanation for the ah, title, for this one.

Very early on with applying the highlights I gave up trying to get gel pen to play nice and switched to paint for the white shiny parts. -__-

Done with a combination of mechanical and standard pencils after inking onto cardstock paper, I've still a lot to learn about this medium when it comes to fullscale works like this. Water in particular, as well as how to push lighting to keep parts from blending with each other too much. As it is though, I'm pretty happy with what I HAVE learned in the process of doing this piece, and that's what's important. I believe in learning something new each time I draw, whether it's adjusting anatomy, composition, shading technique, coloring technique, application, etc etc. It's what I tell every young artist I encounter: "Try something NEW each time, even if it's very small, you'll see a difference within the year."

Character (c) Tantalum
Artwork (c) Myself

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