Zero Giga Blast by Symbolhero

Zero Giga Blast


8 January 2017 at 20:57:22 MST

From tribal to a futuristic character, and interesting to see him drawn by me after all these years!

This old friend has been absent for quite a long time for sure. But yeah, he became too busy with some projects of his that maybe it will be worth, but he never left his character Dx and the rest behind. I´m still waiting to see something from this guy soon : v his bionic arm was freaking difficult to draw with the few references I got... ehem cough cough sorry XD

So yeah, this guy has been an old friend of mine since almost my beginnings and even now that it´s kinda hard to catch up with him, we still get along well, in a curious way, but good. And since he drew sometimes Orion, it´s my turn to give him something.

He already know my obsession with Tales games, so he should stand it once again XD

Dx: This wil hurt! Rwaaaaaah! Take this!........ Time for the final blow Bionic arm changing into a cannon, Zero Giga Blast!

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