Brilliant Sharp Claws by Symbolhero

Brilliant Sharp Claws


9 January 2017 at 21:51:48 MST

Well this is it, the last one but not the less important of my pics. reptilecynrik with his Reptile prepared for battle for sure.

Well there´s nothing more to said about him than I already did. Practically it´s almost time to have 10 years since I met his work first, one old art work of Reptile back at 2007. I was fascinate with that pic that I follow the link and found his gallery. After fiew events, he and I became friends and we´re still getting along well. So here it go, a little something for him ; ) I appreciate your friendship man, and looking forward to keep it up for more years up ahead ^ ^

Go and get them Reptile! here some tunes for epicness:

Reptile: My soul roars, and my strength will break any obstacles. For victory! Brilliant Sharp Claws

Well this has been fun. To be honest I really love how this idea came up with these characters. Originally I planned on doing this but with my characters for the opportunity to show them updated.. but well... I guess it was more fun sharing the experience with some people, why not? maybe someday I´ll do this with my characters. Not to mention that there´s two things we missed here: Female characters, and antagonists too XD But well, for the beginning, this was a good practice ^ ^ and it was fun. Thanks for watching each one of them!

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