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Animation practice - bored dogthing by Swizzlestix

Animation practice - bored dogthing


I've never lost complete interest in animation, though my attempts at it have been very basic more recently. It's sorta the way to prevent going rusty; I know what makes a decent animation, that knowledge won't leave me for quite some time, I'd just... rather keep it fresh in my mind, maybe solidify my knowledge that I can still do it.

When I was younger, I spent a lot of my spare time using a program called 'Pivot', which was a stickfigure animator and required no drawing skill to actually animate with. It used literal sticks, attached to other nodes that could be moved each frame. It had onionskins and static nodes, and you could even create your own stickfigures and objects. I spent about 6 years doing that in my spare time, as 'therealgreengiant', or 'TrGG', on During that time, I also made steps to increase my drawing skill, but the two never really integrated much. I wasn't confident enough in my drawing skill to animate my drawings, and on top of that, animation was tedious enough in Pivot, never mind drawing each and every frame.

Of course I'd heard of tweening and all the shortcuts I could have taken regarding animation, but the idea never appealed to me. The idea of a static object floating around, just didn't seem fluid enough, at least compared to what I was used to with Pivot. So I stuck to frame-by-frame animation, which just so happens to be one of the most tedious forms of animation, and is probably the reason I veered away from it. So I guess that's why the only animations that come from me are little ones, like this x3

Anyway, TL;DR - I don't animate much anymore, and when I do, it's just blinky eyes and shit

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    Dude, I'm dumb and didn't know this was animated! Holy crap! Makes it cuter! >v< Will totally get you more practice if you want in the future >v>;

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    this is so cute ^^

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    very adorable :O