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Wanna make some cash?

on 13 August 2014 at 12:14:46 MDT

Okay so here is the thing. I'm like head over heals for Shin Kuroi from Morenatsu, right? I highly doubt there is one, but if there IS a manga or a graphic novel based on the Shin Kuroi route (detailed, even if half the dialogue is ripped from the game) I will pay to whomever finds this novel/manga a 50 dollar finders fee. I'm not even fuckin kidding @_@ I know its frivolous spending, but I get loan disbursements from my schooling and at the moments its expendable income. For this subject I have no problem throwing away 50 bucks. However, I doubt there is a manga/novel based off of this.

SO. I have come to the conclusion that I will also pay a finders fee to whomever finds me a banging artists that will MAKE one for me. The characters of Morenatsu are considered public domain and fan work is encouraged by the team and its members. So if someone knows of an artists that can replicate the style in which these characters are drawn, I would pay anything I need to in order to obtain it.

I will only pay money to anyone once the project is finished, however. That way I don't get anyone sending me bogus links and demanding money, or hooking me up with some hack that's out to scam me. I'm so fucking serious about this! But.... really, I hope I can find a translated manga.


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