Foray into Felting: Herman the Ermine by Swandog

Foray into Felting: Herman the Ermine


19 August 2013 at 12:36:22 MDT

FINALLY DONE! XD Only took me months! :P But hey, it was only my first try, so hopefully I'll get a bit faster as I go. :) Anyway, sorry for the severe camera angle here; I've posted some better pics of him posing outside in my FA gallery: . The whiskers were a contribution from Aske (naturally-shedded ones, of course, and they were HELL to put in), and the other details were added by hand-stitching (in pink, black and brown), plus a little marker coloring for the pawpads (though the pink inside the ears is actually pink wool), and black cabochon bead eyes. :) If you want to see WIPs of how I made him, check my FA scraps: :)

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    Very fine details. I don't personally know the technique, but looks so well done! Ermines I've seen in real life though, and he looks exactly like those - very nice work with the pose and studying the shape of the creature, I'd say! :>

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    So Cute! Great Job!

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    This is fantastic, Swan! I think you did a really great job capturing the ermine look. Love the detail of where compressions in the body occur, like in the shoulders and where the limbs bend. It is very clear you spent a lot of time on this.

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    Lovely work! I really like it's whiskers :>.

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    I seriously have to applaud not just how cute it turned out, but also getting a nicely symmetrical head (especially at multiple angles) in a rather difficult medium!

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    So how much would something like this cost?