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TLH-6R3 "Matias" Heavy multiple-launch rocket system by Svaros

TLH-6R3 "Matias" Heavy multiple-launch rocket system


Born from the need for a heavy, all-terrain, self-propelled rocket artillery weapon, Imperial Light and Machine Works (ILMW) took the chassis of the TLH-6 behemoth and replaced the turret with a remotely launched rocket system to create the TLH-6R3 Heavy multiple-launch rocket system, though the generally accepted nickname is "Matias". These rockets have much further range than the TLH-6H1's 288mm shells, but this comes at the price of rate of fire. The missiles are loaded using an inbuilt crane that allows rapid and simultaneous rocket pod reloads. Each pod can contain 12 rockets or two short-range ballistic or cruise missiles.

Rocket ammunition available includes not only the standard contact high explosive but also thermobaric warheads. More exotic warhead types include an anti-military installation cluster munition which is designed to put holes in runways and cripple infrastructure. Another type is the Ultra-High Precision (UHP) warhead which can put a rocket in an area with a 0.25-meter error via a laser or other coordinate system. A new type recently unveiled is called "Koene shaven" or "Icy rain" in Tolesian. The latter ammunition type releases thousands of highly aerodynamic tungsten carbide darts that silently rain down on an area, hitting with the force of rifle rounds to target personnel and vehicles.


Another beautiful bit of work by Hard_Lighter. Thanks once again!

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