Hoenn Sweet Home by Susiron

Hoenn Sweet Home


16 May 2014 at 00:39:05 MDT

I am.
So fucking excited.
For Hoenn.

I'm not sure if Sapphire was the first Pokemon game I ever played, but it certainly was the first I became immersed in. I wasn't a Nintendo kid, unfortunately. My first game station was a PS1 and I didn't acquire any sort of Nintendo device until the Gameboy SP came out and my friend gave me her old Gameboy Advance.
And my friend also gave me Pokemon Yellow and Crystal, so in all likelihood my first Pokemon game experience was probably one of the two-- but when you don't grow up with a game with old graphics, it's hard to fully get into a game with old graphics, particularly when you're a kid pining for the new and pretty stuff. So, naturally I gravitated straight to Sapphire and Ruby. I remember I got Sapphire for Christmas because it was the year I discovered Santa was not actually a thing (I found the Sapphire game in a box before Christmas and later opened it up with Santa's name on the front, that is to say.)

Out of all the Pokemon games I've ever played, I can't say I've loved any as deeply as the Hoenn variety. Perhaps it deals strongly with being my most nostalgic Pokemon adventure, but I also simply adore the explorability of the map-- and the region in general-- above all others.

Here's to hoping Hoenn makes a comeback with all its greatness intact, and better besides! ; u ;

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.
Art by me.
Drawn on SAI.

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    It's going to make a great comeback, I am so hyped. :u <-- avatar is perfect example of said hype

    Either way, this is an adorable piece! I'm preferential to water lines, but I love Grovyle thanks to the Mystery Dungeon games. It looks so happy nommin' on berries~

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      Same oh man ; u ;

      And thank you! :D
      Same oh my god PMD made me love Grovyle.

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    ohhh man Emerald has been my fave pokemon game thus fare and my ideal team p much consists of 90% pokemon from Hoenn. My fave region and fave bbys wahhh I am hypedhypedhyped ;v;!!

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      AHHHHH yes good! CB

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    I'm so hyped too! Johto was always my favorite, but man. SECRET BASES!!! I really hope they bring those back. Soooo much time was wasted derping on building a good base back in the day.

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      Oh man ikr? I was soooo picky about base location ; u ;

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        Me too! And trying to find one that was the right shape and didn't have all sorts of junk in the way. I hated those "U" shaped ones. They barely had room for anything.

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    Sinnoh remains my pet region (and I started with Red and Blue on the original Game Boy) but HNNGH. SECRET BASES. ALSO CONTESTS. THEY BETTER BRING THEM BACK. I LOVE CONTESTS. AND 3D MAN I MEAN

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      I think Sinnoh is my second favorite honestly-- maybe tied with Johto. I loved Kanto too but the map was a bit lack-luster to me
      Yesss I loved how the contests were handled in Hoenn o u o

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        I prefer Super Contests, but... OPJIOJD CONTESTS.