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locked up by sushy (critique requested)

locked up (critique requested)


12 May 2020 at 06:07:39 MDT

this whole virus sitation made me feel "locked up" so I decided to draw this. This apartment has started to feel like a prison.
Regulations have become lighter, but things are still tense. I wonder when that ever will go away. I guess only when there is a cure and a vaccine.

Biro pens + PS

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    I feel the same way you do. I feel very trapped, especially since I was laid off of work. I'm the kind who likes to be outside doing things, especially in nice weather. It's very rough.

    Hang in there. :)

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      Thanks, yeah I feel mostly stuck because this crisis highlights that I do not like where I live. I have had so much annoyances from the neighbours' behavior that my heart actually has started to physically hurt.

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        No problem. :)

        Yeah, I’m not fond of my new neighbor, either. They use marijuana and I can smell it all the time. It makes me nauseous most of the day. And I can’t escape anywhere unless it’s “necessary”—I was happy to go out to get bloodwork done the other day, because it was necessary and got me out of here for a couple hours.

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    The bird wing outshines everything else in this artwork. I guess you put a lot of work into it. Keep putting that digital painting energy into your work and you'll go good places.

    Go for a walk, man, you're not a prisoner, you just have to stay 2 metres away from other people and not touch things if possible. Get some air. Get some sun. Even like ten minutes in the sun will be a big help for the mood killer that being indoors allllllll theeeeeee timmmmmmmeeeeee can be. You say apartment so I know that makes it trickier but hey, even going down to the parking lot and like, using your elbows to open the door if you can, and standing out there like the smokers do, would probably help your morale. The earth still stands beneath your feet, seasons moving forward as always. Grow a plant on your windowsill. Feel good that life continues just as it always has, no matter how our society changes.

    Neither a cure nor vaccine is required for life to reopen. It just needs to be 14 days of no new infections in your area to be safe. There's been almost no new infections in my province so we're starting to reopen businesses and re-extend hours. Both of those things would be beneficial for the world at large, to prevent second waves and new outbreaks, but all we need is 14 days without transmission of any new infections for it to die in that area. That's why people staying at home is so vital. The virus needs human hosts to spread around (and cats apparently?) and like all living things, will not live forever.

    However, life will likely never be the same again, and in some ways that will be for the better. Cough shields between cashiers and customers are generally a good thing for their safety for example. New delivery services have popped up that may remain. Many people have discovered they CAN work from home. My best friend goes to work still (not work that can be done at home) but in a teeshirt because there's no one to impress right now. Which is something I also think is generally for the better.

    Keep doing art if you're stuck inside, it will never leave you, the skills you gain in the interim are valuable and so is fleshing out your portfolio.

    She needs a bit more to the back of her head. You'll probably see it if you flip the artwork horizontally. You can probably extend it with the clone stamp tool, because you're using traditional lines and digital ink there's no easy solution to it. The bird's head, however, is perfectly rounded, and without flaw.