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Pac-Man Fruit Vehicles


25 June 2016 at 17:14:18 MDT

These are the fruit vehicles from Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

Pac-Nana Walker: A six legged walker made to resemble a bunch of bananas. This vehicle is mass produced, but one is used by Pac and his friends and Sir C throughout the series. One time it was equipped with extra silver armor to make it resemble a medieval horse. This vehicle is also seen inside Sir C's workshop in the first game, but does not have a minigame associated with it.

Cherry Copter: A helicopter designed to look like cherries. The copter is mass produced and used not only by Pac and his friends, but by the Pacopolis army and police as well. Sir C once equipped one with several Spooka Bazookas.

Lemon Rocket: A rocket made to look like a lemon. Pac helps Sir C make it by acquiring Slimetanium from the Cyclops ghosts. The Lemon Rocket is used for stopping threats from space, such as the Pointy Heads and Ghosteroids. The rocket can also travel underwater and was once used to get to Paclantis.

Pacerchini: A futuristic hover vehicle designed to look like a zucchini. Only one is known to exist in the series. The Pacerchini can seat 3, can hover above the ground and even fly, and is equipped with a zucchini cannon and zucchini missiles. The Pacerchini is also capable of time travel.

Pineapple Tank: A tank designed to look like a pineapple. The tank fires pinapples at its enemies. This vehicle is also mass produced and is seen on several occasions throughout the series.

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