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Suni Comeback

on 16 July 2018 at 21:28:37 MDT

As many of you long term fans know, it hasn't always been a picnic for me.....BUT as many of you long term fans know....I always bounce back stronger than ever!

So once again, I do apologize for the inconvenience and the delay, but god damn it's good to be back. ^.^

All projects are back in full motion This includes a very strong itinerary to upkeep for projects that have fallen behind. This includes the "KNOT U: Host Club" ,"Date with a Dean", and the "Team Spirit" projects.

::::Finish the current KNOT U 5 and start the next in the series.

There are many of you who have trusted me with serious funds and I will not disappoint you The upside is that the quality of the comic is now going to be far better than a the time of the sale. I'm considering the delays to the comic as accrued interest to those that have been kept waiting. You guys supported me at a very crucial time and I will repay that debt in full.

::::All waiting Commissions

Luckily, there’s not that many of you. I wasn’t a total monster ;P I know one commission and one other shall receive the promised “7 Days or it’s my ass” Guarantee as it’s taken a bit longer to get to it and it’s been longer than a reasonable amount of time in my opinion.

:::Team Spirit/Patreon rewards

First of all, I totally love my patrons at any and all levels of support. I’m very humbled that you actively support me and find my goals and ideals appealing. ^.^ Know that I mentally tail wag everytime I get to meet one of you or get a chance to chat on telegram. There’s far more rewards to be had as the main team of “Team Spirit” is only just the start. Ideally, with the continuing series, I should be able to work every single one of you into the story in time and make you patience and confidence in me finally pay off big ;p

My Personal Drama

Honestly? It was hell and lots of trauma... Do I want to go into detail? Nope. I’m healthy and I’m safe in my own home. I appreciate all the concern that was expressed for me. This ordeal has changed me forever and I’m making sure that change is for the better. That’s all there is to it. ;p

Thank you for your patience. The porn flow will now resume as normal. ^.^

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