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Blueberry Fields Forever by StrongerThanDirt

Blueberry Fields Forever


21 May 2014 at 11:19:22 MDT

Sometimes you just want to draw a big butt.

Short story time!

Heather was a health addict. She did her best to keep in shape and eat right. One of her favorite things to eat was blueberries. Their delicious flavor and their nutrients and anti-oxidants were perfect for her diet.

One day, in her travels, she happened upon a field full of berries. It seemed so endless! And not a soul in sight. "Couldn't hurt to take a few." She thought, snatching one and eating it, then another, and another.

She continued walking, eating, thinking to herself the excuses she would come up with if she were caught. She chuckled, "Blueberries may not be expensive, but you certainly can't beat free!"

As she walked, she noticed her shorts becoming more and more uncomfortable. She tugged and adjusted them, but nothing felt quite right, and it only slowly became worse.

She also noticed that her butt seemed heavier than usual. She couldn't be that exhausted already, could she? Seems absurd, she was in amazing shape!

She swung her hand back to feel it and see what the matter was, only to find far more butt that she remembered having only moments ago. And out of the corner of her eye, she saw it to be a bit... blue.

"Oh... no..."

To be continued...?

Anyway, I'd feel bad if I didn't credit 0opik-Oort for major inspiration. He's over on DA if you want to check out his stuff! (Hope you don't mind humans!)

I'll be uploading a 'vanilla' version in my scraps, just in case people prefer non-berry butts.

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