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Wanderlust of Li River (by kenket) by Stripetail

Wanderlust of Li River (by kenket)


kenket's art! Please head their way to see more of their fantastic painty stuff!

stripetail fails at being a pirate. Speedpaint is speedawesome! Speedarific! Speedpocalypse! I asked kenket to do a Li River and hanfu theme, with Syng on a cormorant boat :)

The cormorant fishermen returned home to their families and the waters grew still. A reflection of the heavens appeared on the undulating jade waters. Alone at last with sun, shadow, and sky, Yuxing sighed contently as the retreating crimson sun pierced his clothes and warmed him to the depths of his heart.

Song of Sunset on the River
Bai Juyi (772- 846 AD)

A strip of water has spread in the setting sun,
Half the river is emerald, half is red.
I love the third night of the ninth month,
With dew like pearls; the moon like a bow.

Remembering South of the River
Bai Juyi (772- 846 AD)

*South of the river is grand,
Long ago, I knew the landscape well.
At sunrise, the river's flowers are red like fire,
In spring, the river's water is jade as the lilies.
How could I not remember south of the river? *