Centaurus Chapter 11 by Stratothrax

Centaurus Chapter 11

Previously on Centaurus: The band, low on funds, decide to take a goblin hunting job. During the job Vivi in a fit of anger with Flora unleashes a number of slime monsters on her genitals. This ends with an evolved slime monster hiding out inside of Flora.

Fey’s legs wobbled as she gradually heaved herself up onto her hooves, the ground was soggy with her own juices and squished wetly underfoot. The slime monster had done a number on her and her pussy still trembled with the aftershocks, clenching at the air as her clit throbbed and pulsed.

“G-gods, I’ve never felt anything like that in me- like being milked and rutted for everything I’ve got,” she murmured between heaving breaths.

She wiped sweat from her brow and glanced over at the vast smooth skinned sphere that was Flora. The dome of her belly seemed… taut, more taut than normal. Fey eyed it. Somewhere in that sphere was an evolved slime monster doing gods know what. Hesitantly she stepped toward it and then after a moment put her hand on the fair skin. It was hot to the touch and Flora was so full and stuffed with cum that when she applied force her hand barely sunk in any distance at all, the cum inside at so high a pressure that there was little give.

As she pressed her hand harder the gnome above her let out a lush moan and a slim spurting rope of white leapt from her gaped wide pussy, squeezing from her cervix.

Fey bit her lip. Just some of her cum had caused those slimes to evolve into a super strong elite slime, now that slime was surrounded by a thousand times more and being high pressure squeezed on all sides. What the hell was going to happen to it?

“That slime monster… what do we do?”

“She may be in trouble but I’m not sure trying to remove it is the best idea, having it become aggressive may be problematic,” said Ellaria appearing at her side.

“It would have tried to escape by now if it wanted to right?”

“Maybe, it’s impossible to know. Listen Fey, we can continue like this for now but we’re going to be relying on you if something happens to her, you're the only one who can heal, you will have to heal Flora if what's inside her tries to harm her. Just be ready okay?”

Fey nodded her head, and removed her hand from Flora’s wall of a belly.

She stepped back and looked up at the gnome. Flora was awake and looking down at them, although her body kept twitching from being so overwhelmed.

“You can stop worrying, I’m fine, I can feel it inside me. It’s not moving, it’s just curled up in a ball sleeping.”

“Are you sure?”

“Certain, it’s weird, it’s like I have a sense for it.” She shrugged, “maybe it’s because my power doesn't work on it, it’s like a void I can see in my own body.”

Elaria put her hands on her hips and tapped her finger.

“That’s probably the best we can hope for, I suspect we will need to go find yet another expert to deal with this though… More money...”

“Whatever, let’s go find Vivi, I am now in dire need of some revenge.”

Fey bit her lip. “Uhm, Flora, wasn't what happened kinda revenge for what you did with the purple balls and later draining Vivi, which was revenge for what she did to you at the hotspring? Don’t you think you might be caught in a little bit of a cycle?”

Flora paused and put her hand to her chin, thinking. “...Nah, cause I’m different, people don't get revenge on me, I get revenge on them, I am the revenger. That’s just how things work.”

Fey wasn't sure that made much sense but she decided to let it go for now. She stepped back and took in the vastness of the gnome's womb, an obscene and mind boggling ten foot five inches in diameter, she was truly vast, a solid room sized sphere of smooth blemish free skin with a short stack gnome at the top, her limbs splayed over her own tummy, her large breasts pushed up by its mass.

A little feeling crawled into the back of Fey’s mind, something that she found she liked, that feeling was pride. She had turned this gnome into this icon of fertility, that was all Fey filling her out and stretching her, breeding her to such an incredible degree.

I wonder if I could fit more in her, breed her more and more… Fey furrowed her brow, where had that thought come from? Having sex with this already hyper-sexed gnome was absurd! But then…

“Come, we’re near enough to where we need to be, no sense dawdling. We have goblins to kill,” said Ellaria.

The elf was already walking as she spoke, waving her hand over her shoulder. Fey began trotting after her and after a moment the vast mass that was Flora pushed into the air and began floating after them, moving aside branches and trees with her ability as she went.

It wasn't long before they found their first sign of goblins being nearby, or rather signs, two of them in fact, well they had been one sign originally but now they were two. A goblin bisected at the waist lying in two parts on the forest dirt path, a splatter of blood around them.

“I rather think that Vivi might have gotten here first. This looks like her handiwork.”

“Uhm, Can she handle it if lots come on at once? She’s not the best when it comes to multiple attackers.”

“They are only goblins, it should be fine, I can say I am pleased to see her motivated at least, better than being a big useless cum dump.”


“Hey! I resemble that remark!”

They continued onward, every so often they came across more and more goblins cut up in various disturbing ways, beheaded- a body uncorked, bisected- divided from clavicle to groin, just a torso and nothing else not even limbs. Vivi’s bad mood illustrated by the various creative deaths she put the goblins through.

It wasn't long before they started to hear the sound of fighting, the howl of furious goblins and the swish swish of a blade slicing through the air.

They rounded a corner and Vivi came into view. The vulpine was surrounded by two dozen goblins crowding around her and trying to wear her down with sheer numbers, darting in and cutting minor wounds with their poorly made weapons, shrieking insults in the goblin tongue.

“Wh-what should we do?”

“She's gonna be fine, she can just break out some of her skills and cut them all to ribbons. No biggie,” said Flora looking bored.

Ellaria was squinting at the vulpine, an increasingly concerned expression on her face.

“No, somethings wrong, look at how slow she’s moving.”

Indeed Vivi’s reactions were sluggish, and every swing of her sword was as though the sword was made of lead and weighted down with chains. She heaved her sword up and over and brought it down heavily, completely missing all the goblins and sinking it deep into the ground. The vulpine was breathing hard and was covered in sweat, she looked exhausted, exhausted enough that she didn't dodge the goblin knife that slashed up her thigh. She grit her teeth and heaved her longsword from the ground flicking up a shower of earth and swinging it around herself in an arc, spraying the angry goblins with dirt. Unfortunately her attack was telegraphed enough that the goblins were able to dart out of the way and she was left with nothing but frustration as her sword whistled through the empty air.

“We need to save her!” shouted Fey galloping forward.

“Wait! Stop Fey!”

Fey raced across the ground, her hooves drumming against the earth, charging straight toward the crowd of goblins. She was almost there when her entire body turned heavy as lead.

She went wide eyed as her completely shifted center of gravity caused her hooves to go out from under her, the entire centaur flipping end over end into the air, her upper half brutally slamming into the ground and her back hooves going over top. She hit hard and went tumbling and rolling, the crack of broken ribs cut through the air and Fey cried out in pain. She came to a halt slumped on the ground, breathing through her teeth as every breath she took shifted her ribs and caused more daggers of agony.

“Fey!” cried out Ellaria and Flora together.

Ellaria snapped her hands forward even as she ran in and a double pair of twin violet fireballs exploded from her palms spiraling around each other as they flew toward the crowd of goblins. The Fireballs were on track to strike home when they suddenly changed direction and crashed into the ground as though they had been made a hundred times heavier. They exploded on impact sending a bloom of flaring violet into the air and showering the goblins with violet sparks.

The goblins shrieked in fear and backed off of Vivi who was barely holding on by this point. She was on her knees, her longsword stabbed into the ground, holding herself up by the hilt.

Ellaria stared at what had happened to her fireballs, glancing between the missed impact point and her palms.

“What hell is happening…”

“You know I could ask the very same thing about that gnome you have with you,” came a voice.

The crowd of goblins parted and a larger hobgoblin appeared from behind a tree. He was tall even for a hobgoblin, and wore a heavy black cloak with a peaked hood from which poked an unusual long white beard. Unusual, as goblins did not normally have beards. Around his neck were various necklaces of bone and small animal skulls and in his hands was a staff topped by an elk’s skull, its horns curling over the hobgoblin’s head and hung with many bone and feather dreamcatchers.

“Well that explains matters. A shaman. You speak good Common for a goblin, but that won't stop you from burning in screaming agony for what you did to Fey,” said Ellaria, barely restrained fury in her voice.

“My my, you are a vicious one. An elf hm? A young one at that. They won't have told you the truth about our kind yet would they, and it seems you will never know. Perhaps for the best, the truth has been known to break many a mind.”

“What are you blathering about?”

“Nothing you need to worry about brat.”

The shaman lifted his staff up with a cruel triangular toothed smile. Ellaria realised what he was about to do a moment too late and turned in horror to see Vivi go from kneeling and hanging from her sword to hurtling straight up into the sky as though she had been dropped off a cliff while draped in irons. The vulpine’s horrified scream became distant as she rocketed away, blowing the canopy apart as she went, straight up and up and up until she was barely a tiny dot in the sky.

“YOU WILL DIE FOR THIS!” roared Ellaria, her hair exploding into flame and roiling with sparks. The forest instantly went from a nice summers day to volcano hot and most of the trees in the surrounding area began to spontaneously burst into flame as the air shimmered with heat haze.

“How childish, your anger controls your mind, you are like a wild animal all bottled up, just waiting for the cork to be pulled. Your ancestors would be proud, you live up to their violent folly.”

Ellaria pointed a finger at the hob.

“I do not value your opinion at all. Become ash in the wind.”

She spread her hand and small fireballs fired from each finger, zipping and twisting through the air swirling around each other even as more joined them, gatling firing from her finger tips.

The hobgoblin sneered and shook his staff. The fireballs flying toward him slowed and then came to a stop and then began to fall back the way they had come as though gravity had been turned on its side and amplified.

The fireballs zipped backward in straightened fiery lines, Ellaria’s head snapped to the side as they rushed around her straight toward the large mass that was Flora. Desperation fueling her reactions she flung out her hands and as the fireballs were about to strike Flora’s vulnerable body they wisped away into nothing. The gnome looked down, genuinely disturbed that she had almost been struck by Ellaria’s own fire.

She looked back up and her eyes widened.

“Ella look out!”

Too late, the tree that Ellaria had been standing under suddenly shattered as hundreds of pounds of weight was applied at random positions all over it. Ellaria disappeared behind a fallen hill of leaves and branches.

Flora grimaced at the pile then turned on the hobgoblin.

“Who the hell are you!? You aren't like any hobgoblin I’ve ever heard of.”

“I am simply a traveller, I have lived many lives flitting from memory to memory. What of yourself? You have the scent of vast quantities of life about you, like you are constraining a valley’s worth of essence within you. How… Peculiar.”

“Life? Nah mate, this is all horse cum, loads and loads of horse cum.”

The hobgoblin’s eyebrow twitched.

“What are you suggesting?”

The tree that had collapsed atop Ellaria suddenly exploded into a whirling tornado of flame that burned everything down to the dirt leaving a pile of ash. Standing in the ash was Ellaria, completely stark naked, her clothes burned away, her eyes burning like hot coals, smoke billowing from the sockets, her skin awash with flame.

“She’s saying you picked the wrong band to mess with. Limit BREAK!!”

Ellaria thrust her arms forward and a tidal wave of fire rolled outward, the goblins who had remained behind were incinerated screaming, turning from green and alive to shriveled black shells curling up on themselves, their flesh disintegrating revealing blackened bone beneath.

The hobgoblin’s eyes widened and he thrust his staff into the air, the eye sockets of the skull exploded with light and an incredible roaring rushing sound filled the air. The Hobgoblin swiftly stepped in front of a large oak tree and braced himself against it as behind him the entire contents of a broad river came falling sideways between the trees, taking branches and trunks and whole trees with it, a wall of rushing frothing death.

Ellaria had only a moment to scream as her wave of fire was obliterated by the much larger wave which then hit her, instantly extinguishing her body and sending her falling sideways through the forest along with the displaced river.

Flora desperately thrust her hands into the air raising herself up as the tearing falling tsunami rushed by underneath. She watched as both Ellaria and Fey were picked up and sent falling through the trees, there was nothing she could do, by the time she realised what was happening they were already out of her range. She grit her teeth and closed her eyes. She couldn't worry, she had no choice but to hope they had survived. This hobgoblin, this fucking hobgoblin. She was going to make him pay.

At last the water stopped, the forest drenched in water, the ground soggy.

Flora floated herself down and eyed the hobgoblin. The hob stepped from the tree and brushed a little dirt from his shoulder.

“Elves. It’s no wonder they lost their empire. Tsk tsk.”

“You monster, I don't give a fuck about what or who you are, I’m going to fucking end you.”

Flora flicked out a hand and as Vivi came falling through the canopy she caught the vulpine with her ability, slowing her fall to nothing. She lowered the unconscious fox girl to the ground very carefully, arranging her so she was comfortable.

She turned her eyes back on the goblin.

“You sent my friend into the sky to fall to her death. Hi, I’m Flora, my ability lets me float things up into the air. Let's see if I can take you higher than her hmm?”

The hobgoblin flashed her a shark toothed grin.

“Arrogance. Delicious.”

“You’ll see, you haven't seen anything yet!” Flora held out a hand and took hold of the hobgoblin. His brow rose as he began to lift into the air.

“Did your little plan hinge on me not being able to use my ability on myself? How foolish.”

The hobgoblin suddenly doubled, then tripled in weight and sunk back down the ground.

“Is that the best you can do?”

Flora grit her teeth and the hobgoblin lifted back into the air.

“You are truly naive, I suppose that is to be expected as one of the dim-witted shorter lived species. You struggle against magics you do not understand gnome.”

The hobgoblin’s weight doubled once more and he began to sink down.

“You think I’m even beginning to reach my limit? I’m carrying my own weight as well you know. A two bit shithead fake mage like you knows nothing of true magic.”

The hobgoblin’s eyes widened slightly as he jerked back up into the air, an annoyed expression appearing on his face for the first time.


His weight doubled then tripled then quadrupled and he rapidly sunk downward before Flora could arrest his motion.

Her own body was starting to sink by this point as she redirected all her ability into lifting the immensely heavy hobgoblin.

“You are limited, inexperienced, pathetic.”

“Still stronger than you, cunt.”

The hobgoblin jerked up in the air a foot. He scowled, his face starting to redden as he exerted himself to prevent himself from being rocketed into the sky. His weight doubled.

“You are,”

His weight doubled.

“A nothing little gnome,”

His weight doubled.

“Magically, a bug under my foot.”

His weight doubled.

By this point Flora was resting on the ground atop her belly, her limbs shook and sweat rolled down her skin in rivulets as she fought against the hobgoblin in a battle of pure raw magical brute strength.

The hobgoblin was struggling too, his teeth gritted and veins bulging on his forehead. He slowly sunk back to the ground despite Flora’s desperate efforts, his feet alighting on the dirt.

“Gods how are you so strong, I c-can’t, I’m reaching my limit!” groaned out Flora.

The hobgoblin sneered, sheer gleeful contempt twisting his face.

“You worm, you maggot, you could never defeat me, you are nothing, you are-

“Just fuckin with yah! I was lying about my ability!” A big fat shit eating grin appeared on Flora’s face and she reversed the direction she was moving the hobgoblin.

The hobgoblin only had a moment for sheer unadulterated horror to cross his face and the first syllable of a scream before the combined force of Flora’s ability and his own gravity magic hit him.

The stressing straining hobgoblin, standing braced with his legs apart, instantaneously turned into a one centimeter thick green and red four meter wide pancake on the ground.

Only the drip drip of water falling from leaves filled the destroyed forest, that and Flora’s breathing.

She suddenly seemed to recall something and turned her head, looking around frantically.

The water had done a number on everything and trees and trunks were strewn haphazardly around the immediate forest, blocking the way for anyone let alone a ten foot wide gnome.

That wasn't going to stop Flora however and she thrust her arms out and then rolled them to the side. Branches and trunks lifted into the air and filtered away through the trees, clearing the ground. She curled her hands into fists and trees were ripped aside making room for her voluminous body.

She floated forward until she came to the slumped form of Fey, the centaur looked in bad shape, her whole body covered in scratches and bruises.

“F-fey! Are you okay! Please! Please be okay! I can’t save the others without you. Oh gods please be alive!”

She gently lifted the centaur into the air, mud dripping away from her body as she rose. The pain of having her broken ribs shifted however gently caused the centaur to gasp awake, her head whipping around in a panic.

“It’s okay Fey, it’s over, the hob is dead.”

Fey blinked at her. “You, you killed him?”

Flora nodded. “Never did I expect to find a monster like that on a simple goblin hunting job. That was terrifying, goblins aren't supposed to be magically powerful let alone anything like that, that is if that thing even was a goblin.”

She eyed a trickle of blood that ran down Fey’s human stomach and grimaced.

“Fey you need to heal, I, I’m not even sure where Ella is, it might be bad. Vivi is probably fine but...”

Fey gave her a frightened look and she hurried to heal herself. Her palms began to glow emitting a green light and sending glowing green particles drifting into the air. As Flora watched the centaur's body began to knit itself back together. She could see the ribs beneath her fur shift back into their original position, sealing together and becoming whole once more even as cuts and bruises all over her body softened and became healthy flesh once more.

Flora had forgotten just quite how good Fey was at healing and in half a minute the centaur was as she was before coming to the forest, healthy and healed.

“Put me down, we need to find Ella!”

“Oh, right, sorry.”

The centaur dropped to the ground and dashed off into the woods with Flora following.

They hurried past piled up trees and branches, scorched black in places, soaking wet now, a testament to the sheer magical obliteration that had taken place.

It wasn't long before Fey spotted something, a hand, a deathly pale hand, sticking from beneath a fallen tree. She gasped and rushed up desperately trying to push the tree aside. After a moment of trying it floated away from her along with everything else and Ellaria was revealed. Fey slapped her hands to her mouth and sobbed, tears rolling from her eyes.

Ellaria was there, but her arms and legs were broken and twisted, her head at a horrible unnatural angle, her body incredibly still and pale.

“N-no, it can’t be,” whispered Flora.

Fey reached out a trembling shaking hand and touched the elf, her skin was cold and dead to the touch.

But then she felt it, the spark of life. Tears rolled down her face in waves as she grabbed hold of the spark, preserving it with her magic, protecting it from failing further, keeping Ellaria from falling over the edge into oblivion.

“She- she’s still here! She’s alive!”

Flora let out a sobbing gasp.

“Wake her! I need to see her moving! Alive!”

Fey turned on Flora with a snarl. “NO! She can’t ever know she was like this, I don't want her to feel even a sliver of the trauma of feeling or seeing herself like this.”

Fey turned back to the destroyed elf and carefully, slowly, placed her trembling hand on the elf’s chest.


Vast ghostly white wings exploded from Fey’s upper back, reaching up, taller and taller, up above the treetops higher and higher until they could be seen for miles around. The huge wings spread, their feathers splaying, and then they curled down embracing the spot where Ellaria lay. A white light bloomed and a pillar of gold shot up into the sky.

Before Flora’s eyes the elf was being healed, her legs and arms shifting and smoothly returning to their original shape cleanly clicking into place and sealing together, every single possible imperfection smoothed over and perfected, more perfect that the elf had ever been before the attack, beyond perfect.

The elf’s neck unbroke and her head rotated back into place, her face still cold and pale, her lips blue.

“Live! Live! Dam you!” cried out Fey.

Colour pulsed over the Elf’s skin like a flood of sparks from a hammer striking an anvil, flushing with life, once, twice, and then with a boom, her heart roared back to life thundering in her chest. The elf’s spine arched up, and she gasped, air rushing into her lungs as her eyes shot open wide, fear and panic filling them.

The naked elf grasped at Fey, clutching her like a child as she choked and coughed, trying to breathe like she had been drowning and had just broken the surface.

As the elf slumped on Fey, her breathing steadying, the wings around the centaur faded away.

“H-holy shit, holy shit!” said Flora. “Wha- Since when could you do that!?”

“I- I just knew what to do, my Class guided me…”

“Damn... I guess working with a band really must come with some leveling benefits.” Flora rubbed her face with her sleeve, drying her eyes. “Fuck I need a drink after seeing that.”

Ellaria groaned “I feel, weirdly great? What's happening? Oh I’m naked...”

Fey hugged the elf, squishing her head into her breasts until the elf batted her shoulder for mercy.

“Fey? Wha- are you crying?”

“No.” said the centaur hastily drying her eyes.

Ellaria squinted at her.

“I’m just glad everyone’s okay. That hobgoblin was insanely powerful. I thought this was supposed to be an easy job!” said Fey trying her best to change the subject.

“... Yes, that was not part of the job description. I do not think that hobgoblin was around until recently, there's no way that one wouldn't have had a big job posted for it, or other attention. I suspect we were the first to come across it. You did beat it?”

“Yes, but barely... our luck sucks,” grumbled Flora.

“Where's Vivi?” asked Ellaria.

Flora gestured back the way they had come and Ellaria bounced to her feet and strode off, still completely buck naked.

The others followed after her. They soon came across Vivi, the battered fox girl busily tugging her longsword free from a fallen tree trunk. The sword had apparently fallen from the sky and embedded itself in the wood hilt deep. She finally managed to get it out and stumbled backwards.

She noticed the others and her face lit up, “Hey! We all lived! Which one of you guys kicked that jerk’s ass?”

“Flora, she took him down.”

“Noice! Where's the body?”

Flora’s eyes slid over the horrifying pancake that was the hobgoblin.

“Uhh, don't worry about it, best you don't know.”

Vivi looked non-plussed but shrugged and swung her sword before sheathing it. Fey fussed over her, running her hands over the fox girl’s body and healing any injuries.

Ellaria, who seemed perfectly comfortable being stark naked around the others, cracked her knuckles together and jogged on the spot. Fey couldn't help but stare, the elf’s perky breasts bouncing up and down in the most hypnotic way possible was not exactly easy to look away from.

“You okay captain?” said Vivi.

“Hmm? Oh yes, I just seem to have a lot of excess energy, like alot alot. I feel so incredibly refreshed for some reason.”

“Uh... right.”

“Hey, you know we’re not done with the job, there's still the goblin camp, there's no way that was the last of the goblins. We should go do that, go go go.”

Vivi grinned. “You took the words out of my mouth. I could do with blowing off some more steam.”

The elf suddenly started jogging away. Fey blinked in dismay as the distance between them increased quickly and she hurried after the elf. Maybe there were some slight side effects from using such a strong healing spell. After a little while the elf began to run and then to sprint and the others found themselves running after the pinging hyper elf not sure what was happening or why they were running. Flora had given up moving the trees aside and was currently floating overhead above the canopy.

“S-slow down!” called out Fey.

The elf did, but only because she had run straight into a clearing. The clearing was occupied by a few dozen tents, crude homemade tents, made from leathers. Goblin tents.

The band stumbled to a stop behind the naked elf who had her hands on her hips and was staring confidently at the goblin camp.

The goblins for their part slowed about their work and stared at the centaur, the fox girl, the indecently exposed elf, and the… well they didn't know what to make of the giant gnome orb floating down onto the grass.

A group of goblins with weapons began to coalesce at the edge of the camp, the noises they made growing increasingly angry.

“So, all we gotta do is put a stop to all that and we get paid then we will have enough money for travel to the nearest city and hopefully a little for Fey’s Soulomancer. Simples.” The elf snapped her fingers together several times.

“Is it just me or is Ella acting a little... off,” murmured Vivi.

“Definitely just you.”


Said Fey and Flora.

Vivi scratched her head and gave the pair a suspicious look. But that didn't stop her from slipping free her longsword, flipping it into the air, catching it and then forming up as the goblins broke from the camp in an angry roar headed straight toward the band.

The goblins… did not stand much of a chance. The only reason they weren't immediately vaporised by Ellaria was because the elf had somehow decided the best way to defeat this oncoming foe was to set her fists on fire and beat the snot out of them.

Suffice to say it wasn't long before all that remained of the goblins was a few piles of burnt diced up meat and two or three survivors struggling to get away, one a hobgoblin struggling beneath Ellaria’s foot, a regular normal hobgoblin, not the thing they had fought in the woods.

Flora floated down beside her, her hand on her chin.

“Hmm, you know this is kind of an opportunity.”

“An opportunity to do what?”

“To do some testing.”

Flora flicked her hand and one of the goblins rose up in the air and began drifting toward Fey who was facing away from them. The struggling goblin came to a stop on top of Fey’s horse back. It blinked down at the broad back it was suddenly straddled on top of.

Fey yelped and turned her head trying to see what was on top of her. When she saw it was a goblin sitting nonplussed her eyes snapped to Flora, her brows furrowing.

“Flora, what is the meaning of this! You don't just do that stuff to a centaur! Any other plains centaur would kick your shins off for doing so!”

“Just give it a second yeah?”

“Wha? Wha- OH! Oh gods!”

The goblin on Fey’s back suddenly started to rapidly shrink down, losing inches, its face becoming chubbier and cuter.

Fey herself experienced a pleasurable feeling rushing all over her body, a stretching straining feeling. She realised that it was the feeling of growth, however slight. She couldn't help herself and stretched out her arms and moaned.

“Huh, so it does work with monsters. Interesting, interesting.”

“Try this one next,” said Ellaria, removing her foot from the hobgoblin.

“I’ll do both!”

The hobgoblin and last remaining goblin lurched into the air and were slapped down on Fey’s back behind the now meek and chubby and weirdly cute previous goblin.

“H-hey! Stop that nuu! I don't want to grow any moar!” said Fey between gasping breaths as the hobgoblin began to shrink down. The hob didn't stop shrinking after just a bit, no, he shrunk down all the way until he was the same size as the first goblin.

Ellaria and Flora paused.

“H-hey, is it just me or does it look like Fey just absorbed that monster’s evolution?”

“...That does appear to be the case…”

“Isn’t that kind of a big deal? The hell kind of magic can do that?”

“None that I have ever heard of, that isn’t supposed to be possible, once a monster evolves it just is, it doesn't go back…”

“Hmm, wait why isn't that other goblin shrinking?”

“F-female, it’s a female goblin!” said Fey.

“Huh, so it is, chest wrap made her tits hard to see..”

The two shrunk down male goblins leapt off Fey's back and ran away, their hands waving in the air comically.

The female goblin slipped over the side of Fey as well, but then she paused. She turned and looked up, the heavy throbbing mass of Fey’s dick twitched above her, a thin line of precum drooling from the tip. The goblin’s eyes widened and she said something undecipherable in the goblin tongue.

“Wh-what’s she doing?”

“She ah, seems to have found something of interest it appears,” said Ellaria.

The goblin stepped forward hesitantly then reached out a hand, putting her palm under the thin stream of precum. The clear sticky fluid pooled on her small hand, she looked at it with fascination and then brought it to her face, her nostrils flaring as she drew in the scent. Her brow raised, apparently impressed with something. The goblin stuck out her tongue and dabbed at the precum. Then her eyes lit up and she put her hand to her mouth and slurped it greedily until it was all gone and she was left licking her fingers.

She eyed the drooling cock with new interest.

“I’m gonna go for a run. Got lots of excess energy. I’ll be back in a bit,” shouted Ellaria over her shoulder as she dashed off into the forest abruptly. The band watched her go in silence.

“Er, did our captain just run off in the middle of a job?” said Vivi.

“Uhm, I think so. M-maybe she’ll be back sooooOOOWWOOO!” Fey gasped as a pair of goblin lips slapped on her urethra and began greedily sucking and milking at her cock, a small tongue playing with the opening.

Vivi bit her lip as she watched the goblin greedily going at it and she squirmed her hips. She was still in heat of course and not being filled with cum was bringing the feeling back with a vengeance.

Flora put her hand to her chin thoughtfully. “You know maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to empty your balls a little Fey.”

“Wha- that’s- ooH!”

The goblin jumped up and wrapped its arms around Fey’s dick, hanging from it with her legs kicking in the air.

Flora rolled her eyes. “Amateur.”

The goblin exclaimed in her language as she was bodily lifted into the air. Her long black hair dangled around her head as her clothes were tugged from her body, her chest wrap unravelling from her body letting a surprisingly large pair of breasts bounce out, that along with her flared curving hips gave her an attractive shortstack appearance not unlike Flora.

The goblin gasped excitedly and clutched at the massive dick as she was dragged along it until she was placed at the tip. The size difference was absurd, the goblin completely outsized by the heavy vascular shaft, this just seemed to excite the goblin all the more however.

“F-flora! What are you doing?!”

“I found a convenient receptacle for your cum Fey.”

“B-but that’s a m-monster!! I can't have sex with a monster!”

“Why not? It’s not like it’ll feel any different, plus this way you don't have to find a regular person to do it with.”

Vivi glared at Flora. “I’m right here you know, perfectly willing and able.”

“Yeah but I’m sick of dragging your fat ass around.”

The goblin let out louder and louder squeaks as she was pressed against the tip of Fey’s dick until with a juicy wet SCHLPOP! she slipped over the head and her belly bulged outward in the shape of Fey’s dick, silhouetting the slightly flared bumpy head.

The goblin shrieked and thrashed but barely had a moment to breathe before she was forcibly rammed down the shaft, her belly bulge shoving between her breasts and smacking her in the face. The goblin screamed louder and louder as she was speared on Fey’s shaft, her legs and arms fully wrapped around it hugging it tight like her life depended on it, only the goblin didn't stop moving and her pussy slammed into Fey's medial ring before greedily slopping round it gobbling up more of Fey’s dick inside of itself.

“Wow goblins are naturally really stretchy, she went down that like a sausage goes down a greased hallway.”

Fey cantered on the spot, the speared goblin happily riding along as her shaft flung around with the goblin on it.

“I- I’m fucking a monster! Nuuu!” wailed Fey even as her cock flexed and lifted the goblin, thoroughly enjoying being inside the warm and tight female.

Fey began hobbling away even as the goblin began to move up and down her shaft letting out increasingly disjointed screams of pleasure. Flora wasn't about to let the centaur get out of her range however, she floated after her with a leering smile on her face, jerking her hand, each motion moving the goblin in time with the motions of her arm, as though she was jerking Flora off herself through the goblin.

“S-stop! Oh gods why does this feel so good!!” Said Fey stumbling and trotting away from Flora as fast as she could.

It wasn't long before they were approaching the camp and were amongst the tents. Fey was flagging by this point, her legs going weak as she stumbled back and forth drunkenly. She slammed into a wooden goblin totem in the center of the camp, desperately holding onto it to keep herself up. The sound of splattering liquid tickled her ears as the screaming creaming goblin squirted on to the dirt, back spattering fem fluid up Fey’s horse legs.

“Just let it happen Fey, just think if you do this now then you won't have to deal with ball pain later, relax into it, feel the release, yes, yes, that’s good.”

Fey whined softly and her hips began bucking forward, further driving her shaft into the little goblin stretched around it.

“G-gods! I’m- I’m gonna cUhM!!”

Fey’s dick strained and thickened and a fat rope of white exploded into the goblin’s womb, bulging out her stomach before slopping down making her look instantly pregnant. Fey’s hips continued to thrash as the goblin’s garbled and screamed in her language, one hand clutching at her tummy bulge while another pulled at her face as pleasure wracked her body like nothing else.

The goblin rapidly filled out, her belly drooping lower and lower until it touched down on the ground. With one last shivering shudder Fey ejaculated her last into the goblin.

Fey was now hanging desperately from the totem, her legs limp and half buckled and wobbly. She gasped as the goblin began to slide off her dick on her own, her puss slipping down her length leaving the wet hot steaming length exposed to the open air.

The goblin slid down to the tip where she slowed before slipping over the edge with a soft shlop! She then fell until she was caught by her own expansive green belly resting on the ground, nearly five foot across.

Fey’s cock let out a few spurts of cum that had remained trapped in the shaft over the goblin, painting lines of white over her.

“Shame we can't just take a few goblins with us, it would be convenient, cum in them and then just chuck them somewhere, disposable cum dumps.”

The goblin wiggled on top of her belly, her arms wrapped around her throne of a body, her breasts pushed up in her face by the amount of cum in her. She licked her lips and said something in her strange language, then she looked at Flora and pursed her lips.

“What? Why is she looking at me?”

The goblin huffed then turned her head and called out.

Hesitantly, more goblins began to emerge from the tents, dozens of them.

“Wha- there was more? H-hey! Get off!”

“Huh, I guess the female goblins didn't come and fight...”

The goblins who were clearly unarmed and female swarmed Fey. climbing over each other to jump the centaur as she hung off the totem.

“F-flora help! What are they doing!”

Fey yelped as small hands grabbed onto her cock and dragged it down.

“Uhh, they seem to like you, like a lot, maybe they think you are some kind of fertility god?”

“I’m not a fertility god, I'm just a centaur! Flora stop them!”

“Mmm, I kinda want to see how this plays out,” said Flora getting comfortable on her tummy.

Fey gasped as many small tongues ran all over the surface of her dick, plucking at her skin and tugging at her vascular bumpy veins. One of the bolder goblins climbed on the backs of her peers and without preamble threw her rear on the tip of Fey’s cock.

The goblin gasped in surprise then shrieked as the tip of the dick penetrated her with ease, the natural flexibility of the goblin plus Fey’s own magic making it an unexpectedly easy fit.

The other goblins cooed or made grumpy noises as the penetrated goblin’s pussy slid back along the shaft knocking greedy tongues aside. The displaced goblins soon made do however, bathing the penetrating goblin’s massive tummy bulge with their small tongues, rolling over her belly button and circling the flared head outlined through her skin.

The penetrated goblin shivered and gasped at the attention, especially when one tongue found her clit. Eventually the other goblins got impatient and one after another hands grabbed onto her hands and legs. They began to pull, tugging the goblin down Fey’s length to sloppily squeeze over the thick medial ring with a loud wet sound, the goblin’s relatively loose pussy taking it with ease. Then all together they heaved her back in the opposite direction causing the goblin to scream and the tongues touching up on her belly bulge from below to roll over her clit and back on to the hard shaft.

The crowd of insatiable female goblins forcibly rutted the penetrated goblin faster and faster until she was a screaming howling mess desperately rolling her hips and crying to be used all the harder. Fey let out a long whine as she felt herself approach her limit, burst over that limit, and then climax. The goblins gasped and cooed once more as the penetrated goblin’s belly inflated outward, burning hot and heavy with cum, their small hands grasping and clutching it, sinking into its malleable surface, rubbing the growing mass and hugging it as it pushed its way amongst them parting the crowd.

Fey’s hips shuddered and the last rope of herself sprayed into the goblin. This didn't dampen the crowd's enthusiasm however, they only seemed to become ever more excited, many of the goblins openly masturbating as they watched the goblin get filled.

Dozens of hands grabbed onto the filled goblin’s ankles and wrists and heaved her forward. Fey’s cock slid free of her, a gush of cum coming with it that rolled down the goblin’s belly. A couple of small left over spurts left Fey’s cock to frost the goblin’s top in cum. The tribe worked together determinedly and shoved and pushed the filled goblin out of the way making space. They were met with terrible disappointment however, Fey’s cock was rapidly shrinking, becoming soft and retracting upward. The goblins cried out in dismay, many hands desperately clutching at the softening mass, trying to massage and coax it back to life or trying to pull it back down, but to no avail.

A louder voice cut through the air and the goblins turned to see the first goblin who had been filled, the one who had been amongst the male goblins. A goblin was behind her eating her out so her voice quavered as she spoke in her language. She pointed and the goblins turned to look at one of the tents. They looked back at her. She nodded.

The goblins rushed toward the tent and in their ferocity pulled it apart to get what was inside. A ceramic pot was lifted into the air and reverently brought over to Fey. The lid was removed revealing a paste which was then enthusiastically applied to Fey’s dick and balls by many small hands, rubbing it in as fast and as urgently as possible.

“Oh, oh gods what is that! What the heck is that! It- it tingles, itchy!!”

Feys shaft surged back to life harder and more rigid than ever, her balls seemed to swell slightly too, taking on a more heavy vascular turgid look.

“Looks like some kind of stimulant?… uh, maybe not such a good idea with you?”

“Very bad idea! Very bad!” said Fey, her hands clawing at the totem as her cock strained and bucked at the air.

The goblins didn't seem to think it a bad idea however. They swarmed the centaur, filling up the space beneath her barrel with small shortstack green bodies. It wasn't long before another goblin girl found her way onto Fey’s dick and the crowd began sawing said goblin girl back and forth. Once, twice, three times, she was plunged up and down the huge horse dick, fifth, si- Fey suddenly cried out and the goblin’s womb ballooned outward as she was filled with cum.

“Huh apparently that stuff puts you on a hair trigger too. Fascinating.”

The gnome wiggled her hips and she glanced at the first goblin who had been filled who was still being eaten out by another goblin. She would be lying if she said this whole insane shortstack goblin orgy wasn't turning her on. Biting her lip she hesitantly reached out a hand and one of the goblins on the periphery of the crowd lurched up into the air with a cry.

Flora floated her over and placed her on her expansive belly between her spread legs. She looked over her shoulder at the goblin who was now looking at Flora’s gaped cunt with interest.

“I want you to use your tongue if you know what I mean,” said flora. She stuck her tongue out and wiggled it to demonstrate.

The goblin blinked then smiled in understanding and excitedly leapt on Flora’s rear causing the gnome to gasp out as her sensitive folds were grasped by small hands and a tongue touched down on her swollen reddened erect clit.

Meanwhile the goblin Fey had just filled had been removed and replaced with a fresh horny goblin. Fey lasted even less time with this one, cumming into her after only a few short motions of the goblin by the excited crowd. The efficient goblins soon organised a production line. A goblin was put on Fey’s dick, dragged back and forth screaming until Fey came in her and filled her belly to at least four foot across, they were then removed and rolled aside. The goblins were fast! Their own personal desire to be filled driving them to make the processes as quick as possible. It wasn't long before Fey was on her eighth goblin and rapidly speeding up as the goblins got more practised.

Fey for her part was losing her mind, ejaculating over and over and over had left her a sloppy moaning wreck, her tongue hanging from her mouth drool openly running from her lips, her eyebrows pinched up and her eyes crossing. She barely knew enough to hang onto the totem as the goblins continued to furiously work themselves over Fey’s penis. Methodically milking her of semen.

By the time she had filled fifteen goblins she was babbling nonsense, slurred gibberish falling from her mouth. By the time she hit the twentieth her head was lolling from side to side as her hips continued to thrust of their own accord.

Flora was becoming increasingly belligerent with the goblin eating her out. The goblin seemed quite happy to suckle on her clit and trail her fingers over the insides of the gnome’s gaping pussy, rubbing and pulling at her sensitive parts. But Flora wanted more. It started with her gently grasping the goblin’s head with her power and pushing her down onto her clit over and over as the goblin desperately milked it with her lips, pressing harder and harder until the goblins face was being pressed up against Floras cunt, pushing into it, the goblin's tongue frantically trying to lick the walls.

The pressure only increased until with a sucking lurid slurp the goblins head slipped inside, stretching Flora out, her ears smeared backwards by Flora’s labia.

Flora’s thighs crossed over the goblin’s head as squirting messy orgasm rocked Flora's body.


The goblins head was forced further inside and then jerked backward, used and abused as a large dildo, her long knife ears popping and springing as they were freed before being stuffed inside once more.

“Y-yes!” cried out Flora as she squirted once more over the goblin, a small stream of girl cum rolling down her vast belly.

Meanwhile Fey was gently rocking back and forth atop the last goblin. She no longer leaned against the totem, no the totem was buried far below her in dozens of cum filled goblins. The centaur was atop a small hill of moaning wailing bellies, an obscene sight that arrested the eyes that was impossible to look away from, so many females packed full of thick hot cum, bred and satisfied beyond reason, the air filled with their shuddering cries as glowing orgasmic aftershocks rolled through their bodies.

Fey’s breath hitched as she came once more and the goblin wailed as she was filled and filled until she was a sphere five and a half foot across. Fey slumped to the side and the goblin slipped from her cock and went rolling and bouncing down the hill of goblins, her small pussy spurting ropes of squeezed out cum as she went.

Fey looked around blearily. Her hips were still moving, her hard as diamonds cock rubbing against the nearest goblin belly below her, but sadly she had no warm cunt to sheath it in. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. Tears formed at the corner of her eyes as she desperately humped the air.

A flash of white caught her eye and she turned to see Vivi looking up at her at the base of the hill.

“Vi! I- I need you!” she called out. “H-help!”

The fox girl seemed to realise it was urgent and began to make her way up, this involved climbing over the stuffed goblins, her hands and knees sinking into the green bellies causing small gushes of cum to spray from their gaped cunts and desperate slutty moans to come from their mouths. She clambered over bellies and bodies and made her way to Fey who was straddled across the top of this small hill, her hooves pressing into a separate belly each.

“You look kinda rough Fey, you think you mighta overdone it?”

Fey simply whimpered, her hips trembling.

The fox girl scented the air and blinked. “Gods your musk is so unbelievably strong right now, you have no idea.” she swallowed as the dark wet patch on her shorts grew a little larger.

Fey whimpered and Vivi’s eyes ran down her body to the centaur’s cock. She licked her lips. Fey needed her, of course she was going to help her and totally not just because she wanted to be filled once more.

“I uh, I can help you with that, if you like?”

The centaur nodded her head, her eyes half lidded with exhaustion.

Vivi didn't sit on ceremony, she dove on Fey’s cock. She wasn't going to let this go like last time when she was too addled by pleasure to move properly. She intended to show this centaur just what she was capable of.

She wiggled below Fey’s body in the space amongst the goblin bellies. It was warm and tight and absolutely reeked of Fey’s powerful musk and cum.

It didn't take her long to shuffle out of her shorts and align her pussy with the twitching straining horse dick. The shaft looked slightly redder than normal, rubbed sensitive by so much use, Vivi planned to add to that. She didn't hold back and pressed her drooling muff against the tip, squeezing down and using all the strength her Class afforded her until with a loud schl-pop! Her pussy slipped over the head. The fox girl gasped out as above her Fey groaned.

Vivi began shifting back, her insides much tighter and stronger and more pleasurable than any goblin, she quickly caused Fey to become fully awake and cry out.

“I’m gonna finish you Fey, you won't want to cum any more after this, promise!”

She set her paws and slid back, her tight pussy gripping down as she went, eliciting a choked groan from the centaur. Vivi looked down at the bulge in her stomach, happy to see that wonderful sight once more.

She began shoving herself back and then sawing forward, rolling and wiggling her hips at the wonderful feeling of being so stretched on the centaur’s massive cock.

After a little of this back and forth she could feel Fey getting close. She knew the centaur was on a hair trigger and time was short, thus it was time to show her best.

She pushed herself and leaned hard into her class, pile driving her torso down Feys length to slam into her medial ring then jerking forward using all her core muscles and powerful limbs all while gripping down as hard as she could on Fey’s length with her pussy.

The squawking yelping above made Vivi smile fiercely and she redoubled her efforts, slam! slam! slam! slam! she forcefully rutted herself on the length over and over, milking Fey’s cock like a relentlessly pistoning machine.

The centaur shifted and humped harder than ever above her causing the entire hill to slosh back and forth, a chorus of lush moaning filled the air, the mound of stuffed goblins wailing as the change in pressure caused cum to burst from their abused cervixes, small streams of cum rolling down the hill, pouring from rounded goblin belly to rounded goblin belly.

Vivi slammed herself down onto Fey’s medial ring so hard that it deformed beneath her pussy for a moment before her lower lips slipped over the top with a heavy sCHla-pop! Her pussy clamping down on the lower part of Fey’s length with a vice like grip, a high pressure squeezing sleeve around Fey’s dick.

Fey climaxed as she cried out and Vivi eagerly hugged her stomach bulge as piping hot spunk blasted into her womb, feeling the surging inflation spill around her arms until it pushed them apart, growing and swelling as she creamed and wailed herself silly, once more the centaur’s cum dump. Vivi loved every single moment of it, the feeling of being so stretched as her womb expanded with cum, straining and inflating, plucking at her nerves and sending lighting up her spine. It was glorious! that is until Fey collapsed on top of her with a grunt.

The fox girl only had one arm visible, stuck between the centaur and the pile of goblins. It waved in the air and then fell limp.

Vivi could smell nothing but cum and musk and many many many hormonal females, it saturated everything, outside of her, inside of her, inside her mind.

She could only describe it as pure bliss.

Centaurus Chapter 11


2 April 2021 at 06:33:43 MDT

Cum inflation epic involving a futa centaur and various other furry and fantasy races.

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