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Centaurus Chapter 12 by Stratothrax

Centaurus Chapter 12

Author’s note: CG set 2 is coming along nicely now, took a little longer to get the base set up than normal as I built out the environment in 3D to be accurate. This has my biggest cumflation scene I've ever done so I wanted to avoid any problems at the bigger cum belly size.

I’m doing a big focus on picture in picture stuff with this CG set, it will have a lot of: Xray penetrations, close up exterior shots of penetration, xray internal cum filling, xray of panties stretched over tip of dick, xray of cervix penetration. And then later an animation of loads of sperm inseminating the eggs possibly with an egg splitting animation and definitely with a spinning “number of kids pregnant with” counter.

Previously on Centaurus: The band fight a mysteriously powerful hobgoblin and Ellaria gets turned into the physically perfect version of herself which on an already attractive Elf is impressive. Later, Fey fucks an entire tribe of Goblin girls, turning them into a small hill of leaky cum filled bellies.

Now, Chapter 12:

Vivi woke in darkness. Or at least that’s what she first assumed. The soft sensual moaning and warm softness around her was a good reminder that she was not in fact in an inn but buried amongst the cum filled bellies of dozens of horny goblins.

After a moment she realised what had woken her from her sleep, Fey was struggling, trying to move above her. After a minute of shifting and awkwardly wobbling the centaur lifted upward and a ray of sun was let into Vivi’s cummy hormonal cave. She drew in air through her nose trying to scent the outside air. Nope, the fresh air from outside barely made any difference, everything still stank of cum and musk and well fucked girls.

She shifted her hips and felt the last of Fey’s now soft cock slip free from her puffy reddened folds with a soft fwup, a trickle of cum flowed out with it, the last leftovers outside her closed-off womb.

“Vivi? Are you okay?”

“Mmmm, never better,” said the fox girl caressing her pregnant looking belly. It wasn’t large but that might have been for the best. Being reliant on Flora’s goodwill was not something she particularly wanted after being responsible for unleashing a dozen curious slime monsters on the gnome’s pussy. The quantity wasn’t that surprising in the end she decided, not after what Fey had done, creating a small hill of cum filled bellies, of course the centaur was running a little low on spunk.

The centaur’s motions became more controlled, her hooves balancing awkwardly on top of the taut green-skinned bellies of the many goblins. Vivi took her chance and began struggling free, clambering over the goblin’s bodies and climbing out into the mid-afternoon sunshine. She had apparently not slept long in the musky miasma, only a nap. She yawned and stretched her arms as she pulled free.

Out of the corner of her eye she spotted their captain at the bottom of the green hill.

“You know we should really kill all these goblins, right?” said the elf.

Fey’s head snapped around. “NO! THEY ARE ALL MINE!” she roared. Her eyes went round and she slapped her hands over her mouth with a squeak. “Uhm- Uhm- I mean to say, maybe it’s okay if we let them live maybe? We took care of the dangeous male ones r-right? Uhm- p-please?”

She glanced between Ellaria and Vivi who were giving her shocked looks at her outburst.

“Well, I suppose I can understand that you have some strong feelings on the matter since you did sleep with… all of them,” said Ellaria after a moment.

“We’ll let them live?”

“Yes but we may get the reward docked. Although I could lie… hmm.”

“W-what about the slimes?”

“What about them?”

“Wasn’t there a reward for those as well? Although we didn't take up the job.”

“Mmm true, but that probably won’t count for the reward since we didn't sign on for it, although…” The elf furrowed her brow and tapped at her chin, deep in thought.

While she was busy thinking Vivi and Fey began making their way down the green hill, slipping from bouncy belly to bouncy belly eliciting cries and moans as they squeezed each goblin with their weight and caused little spurting fountains of cum to spray from their well-used pussies.

Vivi made it down first and hefted her pregnant looking belly. She still wasn’t sure if she was happy or sad that it was smaller than when she had been filled by drinking from Flora at the hot spring. It was less cum which was bad true, but on the other hand she was more easily able to move about and would be able to fight within reason, plus she would be able to carry it for longer without getting tired and didn't need to use her arms to hold it up. She mulled over the pros and cons until she reluctantly decided she preferred it smaller, although if they were set to stay in a town for a little while she promised herself to find a way to become a fox girl blimp once more.

Fey came down next, her hooves impacting with the dusty ground. She paused and couldn't help but snatch looks at Ellaria, the elf was still completely stark naked. Surreptitiously looking over her body Fey wondered if her eyes were fooling her or if the elf was somehow even more spectacularly beautiful and attractive, in fact, she was pretty sure she was. Her mind wandered back to what had happened, she’d used her Limit Break on Ellaria, and that Limit Break fixed absolutely everything, Ellaria had been made into the physically perfect version of herself, and being an elf that meant she had a really really high ceiling for what perfection meant. Fey swallowed. This was not a good development for controlling her attraction to the elf, she could already feel her groin area tingling with arousal and interest.

“Uhm, Ella, w-would you mind putting some clothes on?”

The elf blinked at her and then looked down at herself, seemingly only now realising she was butt naked.

“Oh, my apologies, I hadn’t noticed.”

“How do you not notice being naked?” said Vivi stretching her limbs and doing after nap warm-ups.

“Well I am an elf, elves are naturally habitual nudists. Being naked puts you closer to nature which is something all elves have an instinct toward.”

“Are you saying you are an accidental nudist?”


“Elves are all posh toffs but you all have a secret embarrassing nudist fetish? Is that what you are saying?” said Flora floated down beside them. A goblin girl seemed to be sleeping on her back, her body splayed across Flora and her expansive belly.

“Not quite, but I suppose the natural complexities are going to go over your head.”

Flora put her chin in her hand thinking. “The important question is how can I use this information to prank any annoying elves I come across.”

Ellaria held up a finger, paused, then sighed. “It’s not important, we should return to town, I would rather not spend all night out here for what was a small job.”

The elf turned to go, then stopped as she realised she had forgotten to put clothes on. She pulled a pair of leather trousers and a puffy-sleeved white blouse from her dimensional bag and swiftly pulled them on. Apparently the elf’s run hadn’t been completely purposeless as she had recovered the dimensional bag from the scene of the battle with the strange hobgoblin, the bag itself had been completely unharmed by the fight being proofed against fire. Ellaria elegantly brushed some dust from her shoulder and looked over herself. She nodded, seemingly satisfied with what she saw. Fey was galled that the elf somehow managed to make the simple clothes look like the clothes of royalty.

The band made their way away from the pile of goblins, which for their part let up a cacophony of moaning and begging as they watched Fey leave. Flora casually tossed the goblin off her back as she went. The suddenly awake goblin yelped as she fell amongst the cum filled pile of her friends. As they departed the solitary unfilled goblin shook a fist at them.

They passed back into the forest and soon enough found their way back to the main road. Ellaria was watching Vivi like a hawk the whole time, ready to tell the fox girl to go empty herself if she looked like she couldn't manage her cummy pseudo pregnancy. Fortunately for Vivi she had been filled with cum to a point where it was just about manageable for her, not too heavy and not too large. Ellaria eventually gave the fox girl the benefit of the doubt, which seemed to cheer Vivi up quite a bit.

As they were making their way down the road and back to town a pair of small cloaked figures became visible. The tiny two looked pitiful, cloaked in ragged brown cloaks one held onto the other, desperately trying to remain standing as they limped down the road. Fey gasped as she spotted a small trail of spotted blood left in their wake.

“H-hey, Ella, we should help them!”

“Pshh, what if they are monsters, look how ragged and pathetic they are,” grumbled Flora.

“I don't care, I want to help, I can't just leave them like that even if they are monsters, at least as long as they aren’t jerks. I’m a healer, I save people, it’s what I do.”

Ellaria raised her hands non-committaly. “It’s your choice, although be careful. In fact Vivi take point, if they do anything funny cut them to ribbons.”

Fey approached the pair as Vivi drew her long sword and crept along beside her, the sword angled at her side ready to use.

As the centaur approached she began to hear the pair softly talking, although it sounded more like the mantra of the tired and in pain, words spoken aloud to keep them going.

“-eep it together, just a little longer, we can make it and then-... we can join…”

Fey clopped up beside them, the two didn't seem to take notice. Maybe they were in worse shape than she thought? She carefully lowered herself beside the slow-moving pair and reached out a hand, her fingers touched at a hood and the diminutive figure jerked and turned, the hood falling away. A small pale face looked up at her, a pair of rounded ears above dirty hair with a few twigs stuck in it, a wilted yellow flower stuck behind her ear. Tears were already spilling from her eyes.

Fey looked down at her in shock. “Kayla!?”

“Fey! We-we found you!” The otterkin tried to desperately wipe at her teary eyes but she just kept crying harder, verging on sobbing. “We walked for so long, and the forest, we couldn't find our way back to the road! And the m-monsters! I- we almost died!”

Fey looked with dismay at the pair, what the hell were two small unarmed non-combatants doing trying to travel alone? She grabbed Kayla and pulled her close, flipping up the other’s hood revealing a bedraggled and confused Lily which she pulled close too. Closing her eyes she let her healing magic pour out into the two, rolling it through and over their bodies with a steady green light, smoothing over cuts and bruises and sore feet. The two girls gasped and shivered in her hands as they were healed, their aches and pains soothed away.

After she was done she pushed back Kayla and looked her in the eyes, not Lily though, who had her face buried in Fey’s chest and was desperately embracing her, her eyes squeezed shut.

“What the hell are you doing out here? Alone in the woods is no place for two defenceless inn keepers.”

Kayla blinked and looked down at her now healed and whole body in disbelief.

“Y-you healed me?”

“Yes, I am a healer. Now please tell me what happened Kayla.”

The stunned otterkin glanced at the rest of the band, her eyes going very round as they spotted Flora. After taking a moment to gather herself she cleared her throat.

“W-well, we were, uhm, physically close and you changed everything for us, opened up a whole new world, but, uh, when you left things didn’t improve. Our husbands lost it and Hope called in the tribe. They decided to take all of us back home to judge our husbands for failure to do as the tribe wanted.”

“Okay and?”

“We didn't want to go! They’d just try and pressure us into something equally awful. Hope told us that she would explain our side and said we should leave, so we did, but we didn't know how hard it would be!”

Vivi rubbed her chin. “I guess with your piddly little legs a days journey turns into three, and then even worse you decided to go without having a clue how to fight.”

“Y-yes, there were… wolves.” The otterkin shivered at the memory. “We had to sleep in the trees, and hide, a lot.”

“But why Kayla? Wasn’t there some other way?”

Kayla gave her a strange look. “We wanted to find you Fey, we decided we wanted to find you and join your adventuring band!”

“Uh, say what now?” said Vivi.

Lily wiggled against Fey’s chest, burying her head in Fey’s vast breasts which outsized her several times over. She clutched at the softness for dear life, unable to fully reach her arms around them.

As Fey looked down at the otterkin Ellaria stepped up beside them.

“The answer to that is a hard no I’m afraid.”

Fey felt Lily freeze up against her chest and begin trembling. Kayla gave Ellaria an outraged look and balled her fists.

“Why not! We came all this way!”

Ellaria raised a finger. “Number one you are innkeepers, not adventurers.” A second finger came up. “Number two you don’t have a combat class and have no clue how to fight.” a third finger was raised, “And number three you are incredibly tiny and liable to get stepped on and smooshed by a monster. Flora gets away with it because she can fly and is incredibly magically talented.”

“Ahthankyou, ahthankyou.” said Flora doing something that looked vaguely like a flourishing bow although it was difficult to tell with the size of her belly.

“B-b-but we came all this way! We risked our lives!”

“Did you come for the band or because you wanted to be with me?” murmured Fey.

Kayla opened her mouth then closed it, a deep rosy blushing colouring her cheeks.

“Look, we can take you to town and drop you off but that’s about it.”

Kayla looked absolutely devastated by this news. Fey looked down to see Lily’s face peeking up between her breasts, her eyes big and watery and pleading.

Fey sighed, honestly she barely knew the otterkin twins but she had had sex with them, and she had filled them with an immense amount of her own cum. She found herself feeling a little possessive over the pair, not to mention their pathetic state was strongly activating her protective motherly instincts.

“Ella, could they be unofficial members?”

Kyla’s eyes lit up and she leapt on the small hope. “Yes! Let us be unofficial members!”

“And do what?” scoffed Flora.

“We- we could carry stuff for you!” said Kayla desperately floundering for ideas.

“Nope, sorry, don’t need it.” dismissed Flora.


Vivi gestured at Ellaria’s dimensional bag with her sword.

“We’ve got a dimensional bag, carrying stuff isn't a problem.”

Kayla seemed to sink down with disappointment.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to carry anything Kayla. You know what I'm trying to say Ella?”

The elf paused and nodded her head reluctantly.

“Apprentice adventurers. I dealt with a number back when I was a lecturer, it’s how a lot of people get into adventuring since forming a band of absolute beginners normally ends in tragedy. An apprentice works with a more experienced band for a time to get a little experience of their own. The AG tries to promote it as a good idea, at least in the cities. From what I saw working with the AG as a lecturer it significantly reduced the number of full band wipes.”

“Apprentices,” said Kayla, rolling the word around in her mouth, she quickly decided she liked it and a big smile appeared on her face. “Yes! We can be that! Apprentice adventurers, with Fey!”

“Gods, we’re baby sitters now? Urgh,” grumbled Flora rolling her eyes and crossing her arms.

“Hey, that means you two need to get Classes right?” Vivi flourished her sword and struck a casually confident pose. “Have you considered becoming Warriors?”

“Vivi you can do the salesmanship and posturing back in town, they have no idea what you are even talking about yet.”

“Oh come on, it’s good to get them early on the Warrior wagon.”

“Uhm,” said Fey, “No offence to Kayla and Lily but I’m struggling to imagine them fighting as warriors.”

“Yeah, they’re even smaller than me! What are they gonna do? Lift one sword between them? Nah. They’ll want to be mages if they have the talent, and if they are especially talented and amazing they’ll get a psychokinesis Class, like me.”

“Hey! If you’re a warrior and strong enough your size doesn't matter! Look at me I’m only five foot and I do great!”

“You’re like twice their size foxy!”

“Well maybe they really can use a sword together, maybe one with two handles, or wait, hey, could we not stack them on top of each other?”

“You can’t stack the otters!”

“Hang on now, it sounds crazy but I think I might have something with this, all we’d need is some glue and-”

Ellaria and Fey exchanged exasperated looks and began to move, deftly ignoring the arguing vulpine and gnome. Fey let Lily down from her chest, which Lily seemed mildly upset about, and stood up, towering over the two otterkins. She looked down at them, the pair still wore their ragged cloaks which now that Fey was looking seemed to be torn at the hem as though bitten and ripped, apparently those wolves had gotten a lot closer than she thought. She couldn't help but think how incredibly vulnerable and exposed the two girls were, she wanted to protect them, to keep them safe, to fuck them into living cum dumps, to put foals in them over and ove- wait. She furrowed her brow at that last bit, an unexpected intrusive thought. I mean I’m not against doing it with them again but, foals? What? How? We’re different species!

Fey began walking, deep in thought, her hooves clopping along the road as she followed after Ellaria. It took her a few minutes to realise there was a problem. She glanced behind to see the two otterkin girls practically running to keep up, their small legs having to take multiple strides to achieve the same speed as everybody else. Clearly, this wasn’t going to work.

Flora, who was levitating nearby, seemed to recognise the problem. “Hey, you guys are slow and lame!” Of course, recognising the problem was a far cry from the gnome actually bothering to help.

Fey let out a resigned sigh. “I guess since it was me who convinced Ella to let you guys be apprentices I should be the one to help you keep up. Climb aboard, you can ride me.”

The two otterkins looked delighted at this offer, which Fey supposed made sense since they seemed to want to be around her. Kayla rushed forward and swarmed up her leg like a sailor climbing rigging, clambering up onto her back. A rope appeared in the otterkin’s hands, plucked from somewhere inside her cloak. Fey’s eyebrows rose as she felt the slap of rope around her barrel and turned to see Kayla with a length of rope in her hands that she was tying off. Fey now had a circle of rope wrapped around her. She gave the otterkin a questioning look.

“It’s for riding! Okay you can get on now Lily!”

“Yiss! I’ve waited sooo long for this! My turn to ride her raw!

Lily who had been walking along beneath Fey’s barrel and between her legs leapt into the air and grabbed at the somewhat loose rope, shedding her ragged clothes in the same motion. She wiggled her self upward until she was between the rope and the centaur with her hips hooked over the rope, her front facing downwards.

“This isn’t what I had in mind Kayla!”

“Hey you said riding, this counts!”

As they spoke Lily stabilised her self, hanging below Fey’s barrel, the ground rushing past beneath her as the centaur trotted down the road. Lily bit her lip in concentration and dextrously moved her fat otter tail, touching the tip up against Fey’s large horse sheath and then poking the tip inside. Fey nearly stumbled, her hooves clitter clattering against the stone as her gait became uneven.


The tail didn't stop and pushed around inside Fey’s sheath as she continued to walk. The sensation didn't take long to produce results and the intruding tail was gradually pushed out of the sheath by Fey’s growing swelling erection. The fat shaft slipped downwards hanging from her hips, swaying back and forth as she trotted, that is until the otterkin’s tail began stroking and touching it, teasing and tickling the length, coaxing it into growing larger, which the length seemed very happy to comply with.

As it grew bigger and harder Lily’s feet touched up against it, her soles grasping the length and jerking it off, the loose skin rolling in waves beneath her pumping feet. The cock gradually stiffened until her feet could shift the taut skin less easily, although that didn't stop Lily from doing her best to give the centaur a walking foot job.

By the time the horse cock was fully erect Lily’s eyes were large and round. “H-holy shit, it’s even bigger than before…” She bit her lip as the eager twitching length jerked up against her, its thick vascular straining length like a third leg between her own, no, larger, the broad knobbled had of the massive thing was wider than a hoof and completely outsized her petite pussy. The monstrous blunt surface jerked up and the otterkin gasped as its heat touched up against her inner thighs.

The moment the massive dick touched her pussy she went from merely damp to dripping wet with arousal. Multiple long slippery strands of femlube dangled down messily from her swollen slit, the lengths snapping into droplets that pitter-pattered on the cobble far below leaving a dark spotted trail In the centaur’s wake. Each ridge of the massive head that dragged across her folds made the otterkin ever more needy, bumping up against her pulsing clit and smearing her lips apart dredging more and more of her fluids from her folds to rain down on the cobble below.

The raw physical sensation of being pinned against the massive masculine length was driving the cock starved otterkin over the edge, her body desperately pining for more, MORE. She couldn't stop her body from bucking of its own volition, instinctively rocking back and forth over the tip, her hips rolling like a ship in a storm.

Her pussy grasped at the air, her swollen lips moving, glistening with her slick juices, practically slurping at the dick as her folds were pressed ever harder against the broad head. Her drooling sloppy muff slopped over the tip’s surface sending rivulets of herself to darken the head and run down the outer crevices to drip over and over from its lowest point.

As she wiggled herself on it she could feel Kayla moving the rope above her, dragging it backwards, helping her shove her needy greedy pussy ever harder against the massively outsized dick. She whined out a little thank you to her sister as the pressure increased against her groin.

Kayla suddenly jerked back hard on the rope above her, heaving back on it. Lily yelped as she was rammed up against the cock, her boiling puffy muff squished flat by the impossibly wide head. Her hips and legs strained over the mass, her whole body bent toward the task of getting that massive thing inside of herself, straining, pushing, grinding, and then, at least, she succeeded.


“AIIIEEEEEEE!” howled the otterkin.

Lily’s lowerlips stretched impossibly obscenely wide in a thigh thick tight O shape, her folds stretched paper-thin over the vast member. Her bawling cunt slobbering over the length as it was filled and stretched to her absolute limit sending the otterkin wild.

A clear spraying steaming splash of girlcum sprayed from her overtaxed pussy, noisily splattering on the cobblestones below and creating instant puddles in the centaur’s wake. The otterkin girl clutched at the bulge in her abdomen outlining the massive thigh thick dick bulging out her belly, defining the slightly flared head of it in relief.
“So- b-big, so… feral!” moaned Lily. As starbursts of pleasure bloomed in her mind, fiery plumes of ecstasy that sent shivering pulsing heat rolling up and down her body. She felt like she was falling, a weightless blissful feeling, or perhaps that was just the illusion of hanging as the ground raced by beneath her, it didn’t matter, she felt light, like something she hadn't known she’d been missing had been filled. She belonged on Fey’s dick, she wasn’t just a centaur’s little cocksleeve, she was the centaur’s little cock sleeve. She was the small feminine cap on the intense VAST masculine stallion presence, a receptacle for its gushing endless output to be filled and inflated forever.
“G-gods, It was all worth it, this, this is fuckign a-awesome.” whined Lily, her arms wrapping around her massively distended tummy bulge, her fingers playing with the taut surface, playing with her belly button stretched long across it.

“Told you it was the right choice! After the barn what the hell else were we gonna do! Who else could make us feel like that sis!

“No one!” mewled the otterkin in reply.

Kayla grinned and hauled back on the rope above roughly dragging Lily further down Fey’s dick until she bumped up against Fey’s medial ring causing Kayla to stumble and fall on her rump.

Lily for her part roughly rolled her breasts over the bulge in her stomach that stretched up over her chest, her ankles scraping against the mass she was impaled on, desperately trying to shove herself down further.

“M-more! Kayla! Moooore!”

“I’m, I’m trying my best!”

“Try harder sis, I need all of her in mee!”

Kayla scrambled to her feet with a look of determination and grabbed up the rope. She set her feet and hauled back on it with all her might as Lily’s wails rose higher and higher until with an audible POP! Her pussy stretched around the centaur’s thick medial ring and the otterkin was sent rushing down Fey’s length to slam into the base.

“OHGAAWWDDDAIAIIEIEEEEEEE” screamed Lily as her belly bulge passed by her head. Fluid exploded from her pussy like a burst barrel, squirt pissing down on the road below in a continuous clear stream noisily splattering over the stone leaving a wide puddle trail in the centaur’s wake. The otterkin buried her face in the stomach bulge as she screamed, her face pressed up against the surface through which she could feel Fey’s impossible maleness as her fingernails drew red lines over and over down her pale skin.

It took nearly a minute for the otterkin to come down from her firecracker soul-shaking chain orgasms, her whole body twitching and jerking as the aftershocks left her helpless. Her short legs dangled uselessly, her entire lower body being held up by Fey’s dick alone. Even then her hips didn't stop rolling and squirming, moving completely of their own volition, the genetic desire to breed and get at Fey’s valuable seed causing the otterkin’s muscles to contract without any thought directing them.

As Lily continued to desperately hump herself against Fey the band emerged from the forested road and approached the town gates.

“G-guys, they might have a p-problem with this!” groaned Fey. “The guards won’t like it!”

“Will they? From what I can see Lily is just riding along, and your legs are hiding where you two are connected, hey you know it’s like her womb is clothing for your dick, you can’t actually see anything!” said Vivi putting a paw to her chin and tilting her head in observation.

“I don't thi-”

One of the guards ahead of them stepped forward and held up a hand. The band came to a halting stop.

“You lot caused quite the disturbance this morning. What the hell do you think you are doing and why is your gnome friend the size of a small room?”

Before Ellaria could say anything Vivi piped up. “Oh that's simple, she’s full of cum! Like me!” She smacked her belly for emphasis.

The guard gave her a confused look.

“She’s joking of course,” said Ellaria shooting Vivi an annoyed glare. “She had a small accident when potion making. You know how it is, alchemists, and even worse, adventurer alchemists. Her unusually gravid state is a result of that, nothing more.”

“An adventurer alchemist?” The guard actually looked physically dismayed by the very idea, the concept of combining two of the most chaotic and troublesome jobs was not something he liked the sound of.

“It’s fine, it should wear off sometime soon, look it happened to Vivi too, she used to be much larger but now she is normal… Mostly normal.”

“Yeah I used to be much larger, and much more full, and satisfied, and content, and full of-”

“We’ll behave, and we did take care of the local goblin problem, and the slimes.”

The guard blinked. “Oh... well that’s good, our commander was on the verge of having us go out to deal with it ourselves. So thank you for saving us the trouble I suppose.”

Ellaria gave him a kind smile that caused the guard to shift uncomfortably, suddenly very conscious of just how attractive the elf was.

“So you’ll let us in?” said Flora.

“uhh...yes? Just try not to cause trouble this time, no leading parades down main street okay?”

“Absolutely, we will endeavour to be as quiet as door mice and create no trouble and draw as little attention as possible.”

The guard gave Ellaria a slightly disbelieving look but couldn't bring himself to disagree with the overwhelmingly attractive elf.

Ellaria dropped a coin into his palm, significantly below what the usual fee was to get in. The elf forcefully closed his hand and raised an eyebrow at the guard causing him to blink in surprise and his cheeks to colour. After a moment of hesitation the guard decided not to question the elf cheaping out and stepped aside letting the band into town. His gaze didn't move from Ellaria as she passed however.

Fey chided herself, of course the guards wouldn’t notice the otterkin currently tightly wrapped around her dick, not when there was a ten foot wide gnome floating beside her drawing all attention. She sighed, it was probably for the best the attention was on her, although she was uncomfortably aware of the little seed of jealousy that had been planted that morning. It grew a little larger.

The band was soon attracting notice as they walked down the street and into town, mostly due to Flora. After a moment Ellaria pursed her lips.

“I would like to get our payment as soon as possible to settle with the innkeep who’s rooms we destroyed so perhaps we should avoid tempting too much attention for now. Let’s move away from the main streets.”

The elf changed direction and they turned into a less-trafficked area. They quickly made their way through alleys and back streets until they came out next to their destination, the Adventurers Guild. Unfortunately for Ellaria’s plans to remain stealthy there appeared to be a small crowd outside, apparently word had already spread that the ‘amazingly rotund goblin slayers’ had returned. Ellaria did not look pleased with this development.

Flora cleared her throat as the elf stepped inside the AG to deal with the reward for the job. The crowd looked up at the spherical gnome, waiting with bated breath to see what this strange and crazy person would do next. The morning had been prime entertainment and the crowd hungered for more.

“Fans, friends, ladies, gentlemen, we have returned from our epic quest. It was… Harrowing.”

“Hey, where's the fox one! I liked that one!”

Flora gave the catcaller an annoyed look for interrupting. Below her Vivi jumped in the air waving her paw excitedly, her tummy bounced and audibly sloshed as she moved.

“I’m here! I’m here! Form a queue and I’ll sign your stuff for a small fee!”

“Ignore her, listen to me, she’s not even gloriously filled- uh, large with uhm, She’s not big like me anymore.”

“Why?” someone called.

“Because they’re all jerks! They squeezed out all the horse cu-” The fox girl's jaw snapped shut, closed by an invisible force. Her eyes went wide and her paws slapped onto her muzzle, desperately trying to open her forcibly shut mouth.

“As I was saying we went out and did battle with the goblins threatening all of you, attacking any who dared leave this town even for a moment, making your lives difficult and dangerous and constantly under dreadful terrible threat. What was worse the goblins had teamed up with a pack of slimes! and not just any old slimes but king and queen slimes! Truly everything was on the verge of disaster until our band Magic Mog arrived to save everyone.”

The crowd gasped at this, already enthralled by the gnome’s story.

As she spoke the crowd grew larger, much larger, more and more people poured into the street outside the AG to see the gnome orb who killed scary monsters. As more people arrived the area around Fey grew more and more crowded until people started to press up against her on every side with no room to move.

“That's a lot of people,” said Kayla from where she sat straddled atop Fey’s back.

“Uhm it is rather a lot,” said Fey looking around nervously. There weren't any females who looked like they might be in heat nearby fortunately but she could still see a number of females who were surreptitiously scenting the air a little further away. Her musky scent tweaking their noses and causing them to wonder just where the attractive scent they were smelling was coming from. The people closest to her by some luck appeared to be mostly human and humans seemingly weren't affected as strongly as more Canidae type species were. They also appeared fairly engrossed with Flora’s story which had grown absurd in the telling and now involved the band somehow befriending a tribe of warrior otterkin whom they charged into glorious battle on horseback with against a goblin horde thousands strong.

“I think it might be a good idea to get out of here while we still c-caaaahhhn!”

Fey let out a gaspy moan as she felt Lily suddenly buck herself onto her cock. The otterkin seemed to have discovered that she could use the rope and her feet along with her dexterous tail for leverage all at the same time to move herself and was taking to it with gusto.

“N-not here Lily! P-please we’re surrounded by people! In publiicc!” whisper whined Fey, but the otterkin hanging below her barrel couldn't hear her over the sound of the crowd and Flora’s story.

Lily repeatedly pulled herself forward with the rope then dragged herself back using her feet and tail wrapped tight around the base of Fey’s dick, a perfect setup to happily rail her pussy over and over on the horse cock.

A mewling moaning accompanied by a wet and sloppy quelching sucking sound came from beneath Fey and started to draw confused glances. The crowd of people pressed up tight around her were unable to see beneath her barrel to observe just what was happening however, leaving the otterkin in fragile privacy to do as she wished.

The cacophony of otterkin noises was only interrupted by the occasional peaking wail and the sound of liquids splattering against cobble as the otterkin squirted herself silly.

One of the women standing next to Fey flinched as Lily came, her bare legs sprayed with the otterkin’s juices. She blinked and tried to look down and spot what it was that was dousing her legs in warm fluid but of course the crowd was too tightly packed by this point for her to see anything but Fey’s back upon which Kayla sat trying her best to look innocent.

Fey for her part was blushing brighter and brighter red, her hands on her cheeks, praying that no one would notice what was happening. She was having sex completely and utterly out in the open public surrounded by unknowing strangers on every side!

Beneath her the otterkin’s convulsing vaginal muscles continued to slurp and milk at her length as the otterkin repeatedly dragged herself along it, her walls rippling in way that made Fey’s tail twitch and her limbs tremble even as Lily’s gushing pussy sprayed down the cobble below.
The centaur’s hooves shifted uncontrollably against the damp cobble and she had to bite down on her wrist to stop herself from crying out as the small otter girl plunged and sawed her small body up and down the massively overwhelming cock like her life depended on it. Her little pussy snapping over every bump and vein yet always hungry for more and more and more to be stuffed into her cooch, stretching out her womb all the more with the thigh thick shaft.
She was giving her all.

And she still wanted more. Needed more.

“Ahn! AH! AHN!” mewled out Lily as she used herself on the thick stallion length, ancient breeding instinct screaming at her to secure this centaur’s load, to inseminate herself deep deep in her womb, to breed herself full of as many children as possible.

“Annhgggnnnnn!” groaned Fey, desperately clamping down on her voice, trying to prevent a full throated scream from emerging as her flare expanded wider and wider deep inside her mate’s hungry womb, anchoring itself in place and ensuring the otter girl would be bred into oblivion.

And then Lily got what she wanted.

Fey came hard, and as she came the horror and the shame of knowing that she was cumming into a girl in the middle of a huge public crowd right in the open just made her cum all the more. Lily shrieked below her barrel as her womb inflated with massive amounts of thick heavy horse cum, her tummy bloating and swelling and stretching as more and more and more just poured and hosed into her little stretched out pussy without stop.

Fey squeezed her eyes shut and groaned, desperately holding herself back from screaming out loud as she exploded into the squeaking shrieking thrashing otterkin.

Multiple people were starting to look down in confusion as Lily’s pussy repeatedly squirted and sprayed, sending droplets of herself splattering up the legs of every person surrounding Fey, drenching their legs in warm fem fluids and soaking their clothes through as her pussy went mad and her whole body convulsed.

As the otterkin’s belly rapidly filled with more and more surging ropes of cum the otterkin’s voice became more and more high pitched and shifted into full throated screaming as she swelled to two foot across, three foot, four foot, more, it just didn't stop. Lily’s warm cum filled belly was starting to touch up against the people standing around Fey, pressing up against them, squishing inward as it deformed around their bare legs and bulging out in the spaces between.

“Hnngh! It’s still goiiing!” cried out Fey as her cock eagerly bucked into the otterkin.

By this point Lily's belly was five foot across, nearing six foot and had filled up the space beneath Fey’s barrel, lifting the otterkin up against Fey. Her screaming suddenly became muffled as her own belly pressed up into her face and then pushed the back of her head up into Fey’s barrel, encasing her head entirely with flesh.

The people around Fey were becoming increasingly alarmed as a strange smooth skin-coloured jiggling blob seemed to be growing out from underneath the centaur, somehow forcefully pushing them aside despite the packed tight crowd.

The people not understanding what exactly was happening became angry as they were shoved away by the expansion and began to push back. They placed their palms on the smooth skin and pushed into it, their hands sinking into the soft warm to the touch flesh as they tried to press it back underneath Fey, pressuring what was inside and in so doing stimulating the sensitive body around it. The faint muffled pleasured howls of Lily could just be heard as they essentially massaged and squashed her cum belly, but it would take someone really paying attention to hear it over the crowd.

Fey’s eyes fluttered as she felt the pressure of her own cum swirl around her length, squeezing down on her shaft. This of course just caused her to cum all the harder.

The crowd was fighting a losing battle by this point despite a dozen people joining together to heave back against the strange liquid filled balloon and they were gradually being pushed backwards and pressed against all the others packed together in the small area outside the AG. In fact the crowd was so packed that many of the people were left pressed tight against the otterkin’s belly, their arms spread out over it, their faces smooshed up against the surface, not knowing that just below the surface was a lake of boiling hot horse cum, only Lily’s stretched thin flesh separating them from it.

Fey shivered as one last surging spray of cum went into the otterkin and her expansive belly lifted her hooves an inch up off the ground, the centaur supported entirely by the gut of the otter girl. She gasped and trembled and panted as it came to an end, having to lean down and grab hold of the shoulders of two people in front of her to support her limp upper body. They gave her annoyed looks. A faint muffled scream could be heard and a small stream of Lily’s juices flowed down the back of her dome of a belly, soaking the people who were pressed up against her on that side.

“Er, maybe we should have waited until we were somewhere a little more private for that,” said Kayla looking around nervously at the belly bulging out from beneath the centaur that the crowd was pressed up against.

“Y-you think!?” panted Fey between heaving breaths. “What am I gonna do Kayla! I’m trapped like this!”

“I don't know!”

They were interrupted from further discussion however by Flora letting out a gasp.

The gnome was looking down at her belly in extreme alarm.

“What is it Flora?” said Ellaria emerging back out from the AG.

“It’s coming, oh gods it’s coming out!”

Ellaria furrowed her brow in confusion.

“What’s coming out?
“The slime! I’m going to give birth to the slime right now!!!”

Centaurus Chapter 12


Cum inflation epic involving a futa centaur and various other furry and fantasy races.

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