Naomi and Chloe by str8aura

Naomi and Chloe


11 August 2020 at 16:01:17 MDT

I commissioned this back in March so you can bet I've been waiting to throw this out for you all for a while. I had a bit of money to spare at the time so when I saw that :iconLemoncore: was open for commissions, I had to jump at the chance to see her bring another idea of mine to life. This one is a much simpler one featuring Naomi and Chloe enjoying each other's company. Lots of fluff to go around here and no end to love they have for each other. I'm pleased as always to be able to work with an artist like Lemoncore again and I look forward to doing so again

Pokemon belong to Pokemon (duh)

Naomi and Chloe belong to me

Art by Lemoncore