Kailo (Lucario Form) by str8aura

Kailo (Lucario Form)


4 August 2020 at 16:02:32 MDT

In keeping with our star warrior theme, this was another piece I got back in March. I got to commission :iconstarwarriors: again to redraw Kailo if he had been turned into a Lucario.


"Kailo has been doing a series of wishes on the homeworld that Shiro came from. He encountered several legendary pokemon who were able to see star warriors. They did not show any sign of hostility, but their influence over the supernatural was sufficient to induce a non-permanent transformation in Kailo. His physical strength and cosmic powers have increased markedly. His swordsmanship and tactical prowess remain untouched, thankfully. Was this change in Kailo a gift from these Legendary Pokemon, or a chance to 'fish for favors'?

Kailo also appears to have found a 'synergy stone'. According to Brave, this stone is capable of triggerin Mega-evolution. It remains unclear how such a power might affect Kailo in his current state, assuming it would have any effect on him at all."

Ezmeralda's Notes:

"Hey, wait a minute. This is Kailo! It seems that Kailo has transformed into these so called "Pokemon." I didn't know mortals were capapble of ... well, transforming others!
He is still able to spawn a blade of light to assist him in combat and he retains his skill and swordmastery. OH he is wearing something that looks like mom's cloak! Er, I mean Miracle's cloak!

Kailo will remain in the Nummus faction."

Gaia's Notes:

"Kailo presents no cosmic anomalies or illnesses despite his transformation."

Sylvain's Report:

"Kailo still poses no threat to Polaris, but we are going to have to research the planet he was on. According to testimony, Kailo has been in contact in a Light-Twilight planet based on the effects of his transformation, we will send scouts to assess if we are dealing with a Bright-Night planet, let's hope we don't. Also, where did he get that cloak from?"

Anthrax's Notes:

Speed: Still Good
Power: Still Normal
Species: I'm mad

Weaver's "Notes:"
"Oh, hello there! I hope Kailo will let me take pics. I need doggo pics."

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