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Round Table #1

Greetings fellow knights,
Fort Collins Comicon has come and gone and after much moving, cleaning, and of course work, I’m finally able to post my next status report.
First off, I’d like to thank everyone who came to see me at Fort Collins Comicon. It was an exciting experience being a first-time vendor and your support means the world to me!
On to official business; I have a considerable amount of artwork to submit to my gallery this month. My upload times won’t be constant thanks to work taking up most of my time, but I hope to have everything set up by the end of the month. Considering I haven’t been focusing on this art site I need to take better care of my profile, so expect more pictures and a few updates. I thank you guys for watching me and I hope not to disappoint.

The convention has put my perspective as an artist into a whole new light. I want to do more with my art. Simply drawing for fun isn’t enough anymore, I want to really touch peoples hearts, to inspire, to give them something they can enjoy. If I can go full time and make a living out of it, then that’s the way I want to go (probably not the best words to describe it, it’s hard to explain how I feel about it) I just want to do more, and my two jobs aren’t helping. I have been thinking of transferring to new places of employment for a while now. Safeway, while paying well, isn’t working for me anymore. And Toys has been rocky at best… then again I’m actually starting to enjoy myself despite the issues I’m having there, I just need to adapt. It’ll take time to figure that part out.

Now, to get focused on my art, I’ll be starting a series of short term drawings and projects. Each month I’ll draw to a theme, starting in October with “Villains.”

As for long term projects, they will be worked on in due time.
-Zodiac is at a certain stage that a deck needs to be in construction for test plays. Soon I’ll be scouting for artists who would be interested in drawing pictures for the game. However, form of payment is still up in the air. And after conversing with several individuals at Comicon I need to start thinking of advertising and distribution.
-After a conversation with Fanfic writer American_Brony (read his collab piece “An Extended Holiday”) I’m thinking of collaborating with some writers and artists for my long term comics. So while concept art is in the air I won’t be focusing on those for the moment.
That’s all for now, I’ll see you at the round table. Fare Thee Well!

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    Thanks for the watch! :3

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    Thank you for the follow and fave. ^-^

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      Anytime! Your style is so adorable!

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        I don't really have a style yet, unfortunately. Most of what is in my submissions are free-to-use icon bases or commissions I had done by other people (mentioned in the description of each image).