Voice of Night Vale by starvinartmajor

Voice of Night Vale


22 February 2016 at 21:51:10 MST

So I went through and burned through the entirety of WTNV while I was recovering from being sick. And I got a slam of inspiration and had to draw this. I've been meaning to work on my human stuff for a while now, and other than a few small things, I really like how this turned out.

I was too chicken to shade it. So have a flat color with some effects... yep.

A friendly desert community
where the sun is hot,
the moon is beautiful,
and mysterious lights pass overhead
while we all pretend to sleep.

Welcome to Night Vale


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    I haven't heard anything this impressive via podcast broadcasting... probably ever? 8)
    I can only imagine how people back in the '40s imagined when they heard Orson Welles read out The War Of The Worlds... how crazy and panic-inducing that was. The team responsible for WtNV has definitely created a unique and monumental sci-fi radio show. ;D

    You've done an amazing job with this picture!!! OMG, if Tool shall release their new album soon (hopefully this year, damn it all), they ought approach you for a commission for tour poster art because - dang. <3

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      Oh my goodness they've definitely done a good job of producing some amazing content. I mean, they've been at this since 2012 so they've been doing something right XD

      And oh man... I would have loved to have been around when War of the Worlds was first aired. Then again, I'd be pretty old. But man... I listened to a recording of the original broadcast, and it was amazing! I think Orson would have been proud of what his work brought forth.

      And oh man. I've got my fingers crossed. They need to go on tour to the west coast for me. They've been for the last couple of years, and I need to be there for a live show. It sounds like it would be a blast. And oh my gosh I would die if they would use my artwork for a poster. I would just cease to exist because of how awesome that would be.