Good Boy by starvinartmajor

Good Boy


22 February 2016 at 19:12:59 MST

Commission for   anubiis_werewolf

What if Toriel had accompanied Frisk through their journey through the Underground. Or what if, after finishing everything, Toriel had gone back with Frisk to tell her subjects the good news. Hmmmmm All the what ifs, and the maybes.

This Greater Dog though, without a doubt, is a Good Boy. A good enough boy to get ear scritches from the former queen herself. Plus the current savior presenting a stick for fetch? He is indeed, a Good Boy. XD


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    Awww - that is very sweet. I do love the idea of "what ifs" for such things.

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      Right?! Sometimes the "what ifs" that pop up aren't all about sad things. Sometimes they're happy!

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        Aye, or about a good sense of closure too if a story if left hanging with too many questions.