Hello, I'm StarbornHussy. I draw porn and ridiculously cute things. I also like video games, anime, and food.
I don't draw furry characters much, but I hope you enjoy my cavalcade of humans and human-like characters.

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Ko-Fi and Commissions

on 9 February 2017 at 07:23:42 MST

Got a fancy new tip jar. Like what I do? Throw me a few dollars.

Also, I am open for commissions as well! Send me a message if you're interested!

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Rendered Pinup
$ 20.00


Monochrome Sketch
$ 10.00

Please keep in mind I'm not really a furry artist, but I want to improve. That being said, I cannot draw complicated critters like dragons or exotic sea life.
Also, I draw primarily females. I will draw guys, but they will be distinctively feminine.

Things I will draw:
Humans, Humanoids, Males, Females, Transgender characters, anthro (species pending)

Things I won't draw:
Scat (or any other bodily fluids...), gore, micro/macro, vore, inflation, diapers, hyper, muscles, underage characters, rape/non-consensual situations, herms (this is a hard one to leave out, but I just find them odd), feral

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

Monochrome Sketch

-Single character only, No background.
-Color can be specified but will otherwise default to grey
-Prices start from $10 to $15. I may charge more based on complexity.

Rendered Pinup

-Single character only, No backgrounds for now, may change that later. Background will be a solid color with a simple design (gradient, depth of field, etc.)
-Thigh Up. No full-bodies for now.
-Prices start from $20 to $30. I may charge more based on complexity.

I only accept paypal:

Please contact me via PM or by e-mail if you're interested. If you email me, please include your Weasyl username.


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    You're very welcome. :3 Of course, it would be hard not to follow you with how pretty your art is. X3

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    Man I can't wait to one day have the money to commission something from you. I love your art style so much, it's so pretty. <3

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    Heyyy there! Nice to see you! Thanks for the watch~

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    WAIT A DANG DARN SECOND. I SAW YOUR TINIERME ICON AND YOUR NAME-- DE JA VU. Do you remember an Elena-chan or a Rainbowgasm by any chance? I was an avid rp'er back in the day

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      'fraid not. My girlfriend was into Tinierme a while back and I made one for my self. I've never RP'd really ever. o.o

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    Yup. Everyone is kinda moving over here, so I finally made an account to keep up with stuff on this site. :3

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    Of course~