Farewell Summer Sketch by StangWolf

Farewell Summer Sketch


19 October 2013 at 12:49:20 MDT

I've wanted to draw this for some time now, and I mean to do it at the beginning of summer, but it'll have to do as a farewell piece to summer now.

Three of my guys and Eddie at the beach...convinced to sport as little clothing as possible. So maybe they could have gone to a nude beach and been more comfortable, but Nathan would have died on the spot, he's on the verge of panic as it is.

Before any of my gargoyle fans say anything about Nathan being flesh and bone in the sunlight, I'm using the excuse he & Alix got a day pass via some magical artifacts. Probably pretty weak I know, but I wanted to draw him in here with the rest of them. I suppose I could maybe make it at sunset, but Alix woulda had to be movin to convince Nathan to put on that lil number there and there still be some daylight left lol. We'll see!

Either way, I wanted an excuse to draw male booty as well as backs and these 4 boys were the perfect subject matter!

Eddie I can see being fairly comfortable, he's doing his best to convince Nashoba that it's not all that bad. Nash is still a little skeptical but overall he's not too put off by it. Eddie should be working his convincing skills on poor Nathan, who's wondering how on earth he let a certain someone get him this far. That's far less than he's used to wearing and being the bashful guy he is there's just far too much skin showing for him to be completely comfortable. I imagine Alix may let him put something more on later...maybe. Nathan needs a drink, that's what he needs. Todd...well Todd just doesn't care one way or the other. He's got his beer and his smokes, eye candy to check out as he enjoys the beach, he's good.

I imagine there's 4 ladies off screen enjoying the view themselves.

If given time I may do a female follow up to this one at some point. Cute lil female bodies in thongs, I'm sure that'd be a winner too lol.

Hope you enjoy!

Yes this is marked "moderate" because of naked butt cheeks and other visible but covered things.

Art & Nashoba, Nathan & Todd © StangWolf

Eddie © Sonichomeboy

Gargoyles © Disney & Greg Weisman

Please do not redistribute, alter, reference, trace, or use my art in any fashion without my permission. Thank you! ~StangWolf


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